My dear friends,

I know I should rest, but I can’t hold my self … I want to leave you at least a note. In the past couple
weeks I had lots of tears in my eyes. The reason is that I am so touched by the fact that I have such
a big heavenly family. I am so thankful for all your prayers. Thank you for all emails and mails. I have
map where I can see in what country I have friends praying for me (El Salvador, Nicaragua, Argentine, USA, Canada, New Zeeland, Australia, China, Latvia, Sweden, Holland, Belgian, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Germany) Let me know if there is one missing.

Lots of things happened the last couple weeks, but honestly I can’t remember a lot of it. I just red through my dads reports to read about how I was doing these times  God carried me through I can tell you that. I remember laying in Teterow. My body was so weak that I did not even had strength to drink water on my own. I was not able to think a lot about my situation. But I realized that that could have been it. My life! I said to God that I kind a like to live a little bit long, but if His thoughts are different that’s ok too, because life is not about me any way. It was for some days as if there was Jesus and Me (not my body) And all I life from was Him. Its hard to explain but a fact anyway. I know that if I go today I am on a even better place. But stop don’t think I am tired of life. It is the peace I want you to know about and that nothing can come between Him and me except my own decision. But to decide anything against God would be silly. I am nothing without Him. And He is everything. My friends all we need is Him. I know we have some problems in our life, but let me encourage you not to miss the view to HIM. (Who looks up to the Lord will shine full of joy and His trust will never fail Psalm 34,6) Go ahead collect Gods promises and take Him by His word! Let God be God. He is the creator. Who do you know is bigger than Him and loves to spend your life time with you! Enjoy Him. Let Him teach you and mold you. He takes you by His hand.

My dad is right with the hair. I can pull on it and give it to my visitors. But that’s alright I will let other girls be the pretty one for a while.

Just wait and see when I get my “Puschel-curls” back 20.05.2007 22-37-41_0007-300

Hey, so you heard about the bell right? Thank you for your response so far. My dad will tell you how you can help. What I would like you to do is have a look at the new home page from My fathers house. There you can read about the vision and look at the kids. That’s what my heart beats for  -  children without parents. That they may learn that they still have a heavenly family and the best Father above all. The whole project is still in diapers. What I would like you to do is pray about is and see if there is any way God wants you and maybe your church to get involved. It is not a work just with the kids, but as well the relatives if they are there… just read the hompage. For my Germans I am sorry that we do not have page in Germany jet, but I hope that will change soon  We do have a director of communication Alexia who speaks German. Feel free to write emails in German to My father’s house.

Let me tell how I am today so my dad gets a break. I am tired and weak and this morning I wasn´t sure about vomiting or not. I am the whole time in my bed, what is not easy, cause the weather is beautiful, but I enjoy the open window and the birds singing for me.

A good thing is that we are aloud to hang me on IV’s so I don’t have to go to a hospital if I am not able to drink as much as I should. I have also a social service sometimes coming. They take my blood (3 times a week) and change the needle on my port and stuff like that…


Puschel wrote on May, 20th: