26th of Dezember 2009

Today we want to give you a song. That was written by Puschels cousin Magdalena Holmer in Bad Blankenburg about her. She is singing it with her band
Puschels status is unchanged. She has more and more pain. so it is time to do anything. But we´re very glad that Puschel can be here for this Christmas time!!
We´re grieving a little bit because of the status of Linda. News of her you can read below.

what's to write about your story?
helpless i think about words to say
your eyes, your smile - wonderful, marvellous
there seems to be fire not from the earth!

fallen, broken, but still so strong!
running, fighting, but still full of love
smashed, exhausted, again and again!
praying, hoping you stay with joy!

you say, its okay, if you'd have to leave
but you'd also like to stay
i hardly can ever express
what that means to me!

fallen broken, but still so strong!
runnning, fighting, but still full of love
smashed, exhausted again and again!
praying, hoping you stay with joy!

you deeply impressed me like so many people!
you will be surprised in heaven,
how many people you've touched!
the peace that you talk about- i feel it even through your mails!
the joy in you comes from heaven!

a star in the night, bright and wonderful
your light shines in the darkness!
shine oh shine
with eternal fire!
HIS fire shall warm you
shall save your heart
through all this!


6th of January 2010

Today Puschel got a great encouragement: She had a free day before the beginning of the surgery tomorrow. 3 friends from Holsby who were in Christmas vacation in Germany, Rebekka, Eli & Charly came from Southern Germany to visit her here in Heidelberg. They had to ride a real long way.

So it was a very nice afternoon with fine meals together and good talks and prayers.

Up to 8:00 p.m. Puschel schould come into the hospital. She was! But God gave her a special gift - she can stay for the last night before the surgery in the house of friends. It´s an additional joy for Puschel.

About the next steps you will keeped informed of course.

Who ist trustful in the LORD,

can proclaime, "The LORD is upright;

HE is my Rock, and there is no wickedness in him."               Psalms 92:16


Yesterday we left to go to Heidelberg (Puschel and me-Puschels dad) We had a stop in Mittle of Germany at one of my brothers house. (Puschel´s uncle Reinhard) Now we are safly in Heidelberg. Today we had the talks about the surgery with the doctors. The date for the surgery and the doctor are set. (Thursday about 1 p-m) It was good to have a talk to the surgent who is in charge of the surgeon. So we have more informations for the surgery on Thursday.

third of January 2010

Today we had a very nice day in Bülow. We had a good fellowship in our church in the beginning of these year. Tomorrow we have to go at the lunch time. We will have a break in Bad Blankenburg in the middle of Germany. On Thuesday we will continue our trip to Heidelberg. there I will give you all news about the developments.

Now Puschel get new medicine again the pain in her nervs. We hope she will get more deep sleep. That was the biggest problem at the last time.

How good to know that you´re beside us with your prayers. It is a trip in uncertain times. But we know that HE has it all in HIS hands!


7th of January 2010

10:45 p.m.

By the pictures you can see: The surgery is over!

About 01:30 p.m. Puschel had to start the preparation.

Actually I should get a call from the doctors to hear how it was going. But I´m still waiting... In the end (about 6:30 p.m.) I asked the nurses... 7:30 p.m I could go to Puschel in the intensiv medical care area. Puschel was ther since about an hour. She was doing right well. But the doctors had some problems with the whole “pain regime”. Because Puschel had to get a lot of pain killers before, it was not so easy for them to modify the new necessary quantity. May be tomorrow Puschel can go in the normal hospital room.

Now we hope and pray that we can look forward to a fast beginning of the heavy ion therapy.

So many thanks for all your prayers and all your support. May God bless you all!


8th of January 2010

Today in the morning Puschels status and feeling was not so gut. Already in the night Puschel came into her normal room because there ist is more quiet.

These first day after the surgery was filled with searching the best pain killer medication. The people are very engaged. But the specialists for pain managements said that there are sometimes situations what you have the first time in the life. They have never seen a patient like Puschel... But they wanted to help Puschel in her special situation... In the night Puschel was doing better a lot. so I hope that she will sleep well and it will be normalized the whole situation in the next days.


9th of January 2010

Today Puschel is doing much better than yesterday! You can see it by the picture on the left side. So we can hope that the wounds will heal soon and we can look forward. It would be great if you will pray that we have a good progress on Monday with the planned heaviontherapy.

In these weekend Puschel got a visit from her friend Eva and her sister from Southern Germany. In these weekend days it is not so much happend here in the hospital. When we have news for you we will let you know. 

So thanks for all your prayers and asking for Puschels status. Also that you are looking on these page ever and ever. It is real a gift for us and a miracle of the family of God!


11th of January 2010

Today we had really a contact to the specialist from the HIT!

Tomorrow should come anybody from there to Puschel to look at her and talk about all possibilities in the next time. We hope it will be really with a good result.

It is not so good that Puschels stomic isn´t still working. It must be change tomorrow!

All in all Puschel is doing well. She is thinking about to go home...

There we have a soo nice winter weather... and we are here in Southern Germany...

10th of January 2010

Nice to see that Puschel is much more stabil after the surgery. The problem at these time is that her digestion is working not so good again. So Puschel has much more pain by ths now. Hope that it will be better soon. she needs some exoneration in that.

Please pray that we will have good contacts to the special doctors of the heavy ion therapy. Hope you will get more news about these soon! Thank you so much!!


13th of January 2010, 03:00 p.m.

About one our ago Puschel was allowed to go home. The agreement in the HIT was very positiv. A detailed report you will get later. Now we have to take 900 km “under the wheels”... Good to know that HE has all things in HIS hands!


14th of January 2010, 03:00 p.m.

So many thanks for all your prayer. We went back home very well. Tomorrow we will give you some informations about all things with the heavy ion therapy.


15th of January 2010

Today you get some infos about our appointment in the HIT. On three pages I assembled a description about the therapy in the HIT.

We had a good talk with a doctor in the HIT clinik. And we felt already in the beginning that the therapy will is not in question.

The schedule for the next steps is: on 27th of January we have to go to Heidelberg again for some tests (MRI etc.). With the results of this they will make plans and devices for the therapy and especially for Puschels body. The big porblem is how they can lay down Puschel for one our in the machine every day. It is a question of laying in an absolut stillness. And it´s a question of the pain in Puschels backside. The recidive tumor has growing a lot in the last three month.

So in the next two week they will plan the dosis and the special kind of the radiation.

And by this talk now it is clear: the target  of the therapy is for the doctors not an elimination of the tumor but the target is to destroy the ability of the tumor cells to grow and to make new cells. It is a genetic ruination of the cancer cells, not a mechanic. The big problem here: it is possible that some cells ar arround the big tumor. So it´s not sure to can destroy all cancer cells by the heavy ions. So they have to think about other radiation methods too.

One week after the next appointment in Heidelberg the therapy will start. It will be a therapy for 4 weeks first and one our a day.

So we know: all things are laying in Gods hand. A miracle will not come by the heavyions but only by our Lord. HE has all things in control! But we´re thankful to have these possibilities!


18th of January 2010

For Puschel it is sooo nice to be at home at these time. She enjoy so much every day. In the next future she has to be for 4 weeks in Heidelberg. So she takes each day as a special gift of God...

Just now she has some problems with pain of her nervs in the healthy leg. It is going pu to a nearly complete deafness. If the nerv is overloaded or the growing tumor is pressing him we don´t know. But it´s not really nice...

Puschel is resting every time a little bit more. The surgery was good but it needs some more time to get power enough and to feel leike before. The wound have to heal. so Puschel is else a little bit weak. But her peace in God and joy to HIM is unbroken. Thank you so much for all your prayer ever and ever!!!


22th of January 2010

Usually each day has the own problems. For Puschel it is allways the changable and nor explainable pain in differnet areas of her body.

Three days ago she had to get the normal dosis of her morphin by her port system. It makes her able to participate in her circumstances on the normal life arround.

But suddenly her port what she needs and used since nearly three years was blocked. That mean it would be impossible for her to get her MSI (morphium).

Usually she is getting a new port neadle in about 10 days. On these days she could get a new one. She got it and we hoped it would be clear. But it wasn´t. Three times we had to try it with a new neadle. But the port was still blocked. Now we could only pray for it and call doctors or the hospital.

A last time we wanted to try it under prayer. Suddenly the port was clear. Nobody could explain it. But it is okay.

Praise the Lord! Thank you, Lord! And also you all - for all your prayer!


25th of January 2010

Today it was a very nice day with winter, snow and sunshine. You can see it by the pictures above. To drive with the Grizzly on the ice of our lake is even for Puschel real a lot of fun because the ice is nearly complete flat. So you can get such pictures with less speed of the Grizzly... We would wish you to can enjoy our lake here...

Tomorrow we have to prepare for the trip to Heidelberg where we will have an appointment for pictures from Puschel (MRI, CT etc) and talks with the doctors. They have to prepare the start of the therapy in the next week. We hope to be back home in the night to Thursday. Many thanks for yozr thoughts and prayers for Puschel!


28th of January 2010

Now we´re really back home again (time: 5:20 a.m.) All things were going well. Our God has given us a blessed ride.

Puschel got a lot of really good different test. So exactly tests she had never before. But theses test have to be the basis for the whole therapy. It will be a radiation what is completely controlled by thes pictures, will go by this complete automatically. Probably Puschel has to lay on the abdomen. There and so she will alive a lot of time in the next weeks. Therefore the doctors wanted to find a solution for the problems with laying down Puschel in the divice for these very, extremely exact radiation and in view on her durable pain. Because of the big size of the tumor the therapy will enduring about 6 weeks.


30th of January 2010

Unfortunately we don´t know the start point of the therapy in the next week. The doctors are planning the first steps of the heavy ion radiation. The are inserting the pictures from MRI and CT in the computer of the HIT. On Monday we will get more news.

You can imagine that Puschel is not so much happy when she has to think about the next weeks - so far away from home and enduring in a hospital. But we´re really glad and thankful l to have these possibility with these special treatment. We want to pray that God will give good results of it. We will let you know more soon. But now it is very nice that Puschel can enjoy for the next days at home in these very nice winter and the normal live here.


03th of February 2010

Now we have an appointment with Heidelberg for the radiation therapy, first with heavy ions and later with photons. On February 19th Puschel has the first term of it. It is 14 days later than we thought and the doctors said. It is a question of the capacities in these big new device. The doctors saw that Puschels tumor was not growing since the MRI and CT in December. So the think to can be responsable for that. Not good is that the doctors found a few of cancer cells arround the old surgery area . Therefore they want to give Puschel a comination of radiation with heavy ions and photons. All these in the highest rated level. Addtional for one our per day, not (like normal) a few minutes!

In the other side Puschel is glad to be at home a little bit longer. So she can enjoy the winter here and rest more.

A problem is the lot of pain in her nervs. We hope a lot that in Puschels pelvis will not destroyed more in these time bevor she can have exoneration by the therapy.


05th of February 2010

The doctors saw that Puschels tumor was not (so much) growing since the MRI and CT in December. So the think to can be responsable for thdelay in start the radiation. Not good is that the doctors found a few of cancer cells arround the old surgery area . That shows us that the cancer is extended in her pelvis again. Therefore they want to give Puschel a comination of radiation with heavy ions and photons. All these in the highest rated level (about 70 gray, not (like normal) about 50 gray. Additional for one our per day, not (like normal) a few minutes!

Puschel is glad to be at home a little bit longer. So she can enjoy the winter here and rest more.

A problem is the lot of pain in her nervs. We hope a lot that in Puschels pelvis will not destroyed more in these time bevor she can have exoneration by the therapy. In the last two days she had to fight a lot against Nausea.


10th of February 2010

At the moment we´ve not really news for you. In a week we have to start the trip to Heidelberg.

We are praying that the planned schedule of the  therapy is complete right. The planned photon radiation is at the moment not really logical for us. At the last time the doctors in Berlin said us that these kind of radiation isn´t efficient for these sarcoms.

So we want to have a talk before with the doctors to get more informations.

Otherwise we know that they all can not be completely sure about all, because they have not really experiences with that. We´re so thankful for these possibility for Puschel. It allone is a mirakle. So we enjoy in each day to see Puschel here at home!


16/18th of February 2010

Now we´re in Bad Blankenburg (Thüringen -  Southern East Germany) for the night. Here is an uncle from Puschel with family. So we can divide our trip to Heidelberg. We had a good ride here today!

In view on the therapy we could get mor informations. The doctors wants to make a combination with heavy ions and photons. It is a choice in only medical view. It is not a question of the capacity of the heavy ion device. I hope to can give you some more informations about these.

On Friday Puschel will have the first of six heavy ion radiations til the other Friday next week. Every day she will get it for an complete hour. It is together with the next steps with photons a radiation on the last limit what is possible to get for a patient. Thank you so much for you prayers. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your love. God bless you!


20th of February 2010

May be that some of you are waiting for news about the first therapy with heavy ions.

Duly at 1 p.m. we were in the HIT. First the doctors had to preapare again Puschels position. Also for the doctors here it is an exciting thing. They needed more time for the complete arrangement .

I hope we will show you better and more pictures about all in the next days. Puschel feels nothing from the radiation. may be a lot of time later she will get some side effects.

The doctors started these whole treatment really to kill all cancer cells of the main tumor. So we hope and pray for so good results that the tumor is death after that. It is Gods thing to give them much success. and we´re so glad to know that you all are praying for Puschel.

This “game” is really so much impotant for Puschel!! How good to know that we have a great mighty God!

The doctors are happy that Puschel is so patient and peaceful. But she is alloud to listen her IPod all the time.

Tomorrow she will start again at 1 p.m. The next appointment for us is Thursday. The time we will give you later.


22th of February 2010

It is good to know that God is not depend to our feeling or thinking. He is present. It is real a gift that the most modern device for fighting against cancer is available for Puschel.

It is a great gift too to have you all beside her/us as HIS family in our world.

Praise HIM and thanks to you all!

Presently we´re on the Bodenseehof, an english Bibleschool of the torchbearers in Germany wher Puschels sister Esther is living and working. Here we´re for this weekend. We can enjoy the  lectures from Hans-Peter Royer and the felloship of many lovely friends.

Tomorrow we have to go back to Heidelberg for the next step of the  treatment with heavyions.

About 5 p.m. the radiation will start again.

Above you see some pictures from these special impressive technical surroundings there.

The doctors are sure that the heavy ions will be successful! The effects of the whole therapy we are able to see a couple of weeks or month later.

We only can pray that god will set limits the ability of the cancer cells to grow and to divide themself. God is able!


24th of February 2010

“Today we want to ask you for praying that a right treatment in Heidelberg will be possible for Puschel. We had contct with the hospital in Berlin. But there we got less hope for these in the next time. It seems that it is a question of capacity in the absolut new facility. May be they can not treat enough patients in a too short time. Today these device was started in Heidelberg. It is the only one in Europe now. In the night we saw it in the tv news... It seems that it is the only option for Puschel at this moment. Therefore we expect from our Lord to give us these possibility soon. He is able to open for us a door and a way to get it.

Apparently there are only in USA such devices. But may be that our insurance will not go with and pay for that. But our Lord has options enough...!

However we will use all humanly possibilities to get these treatment for Puschel.

It would be great if you want to pray with us for good results in searching a way or another miracle for Puschels healing. Thank you for all!!”

These Sentences we had here in November 2009. Even now I´m sitting here in the HIT while Puschel is laying on her plank bed to get just now the heavy ions against the cancer cells...

We have a great God! And we can trust HIM for all things and give HIM all our confidence! We want to do that. Although it isn´t all understandably fo us what HE is doing but HE is God and so trustworthily alone in all things.

Presently I can´t use my normal computer. Therefore you see here only a not normal page. But I want to inform you a little until the week end. Then I will have the other one again.

Puschel is doing much changeable with Nausea and tiredness and pain. But she is fighting through and nevertheless undauntedly.

Thank you all for carrying her!


27th of February 2010

The heavy ions therapy is over!

By the pictures you can see how the whole thrapy is planned. Above left you see the visible parts of the tumor (the white blobs in the green area). That is the area for the directly heavy ions radiation. All the other parts (with yellow, blue and red lines) are much endangered parts. there the doctors assume some cancer cells. But they are not cells of a firm tumor

Because they are not to localize. so they are not to eliminate by the heavy ion radiation.

For them is the photon radiation with a much less dosis per day. Threrefore it will endure so much longer than the heavy ion therapy. It is a complete plan with a dosis on the highest limit for radiations.

Please pray with us for not so much side effects in the next time.

Until now Puschel is doing well. But the side effects are to expect at the earliest in the next weeks.


Third of March 2010

The first steps of the new radiation with photons are over. May be we have to see now some side effects. the tumor area is much irritate and little discolored.

Today in the morning at 5:30 we got a scare. Puschel came from her bed with a temperature of 38,7°C. So we have to take care a lot. But now we  had only the possibility to pray and to wait. With morphin against the strong daily morning pain Puschel was able to sleep until 9 a.m.

Than we took the temperature again. It was about 37,7°C.

God gave Puschel the necessary stillness. Later in the hospital Puschel got some tests. The doctors wanted to see wherefrom the temperature is. Tomorrow we will see more.

It is good for us that the doctors are taking the things seriously. But they have enough experiences. So they are much relaxed.

We´re really glad about the great affability here.

From Friday on Puschel has her Mum here. She will stay for about two weeks.

Now Puschel can go from Mutterstadt to Heidelberg (about 30 km) by a taxe. So they van live more relaxed with all.

Please pray that Puschel will be exempted from infectiones. And please pray that the therapy will have much results without much side effects. Thank you so much!


6th of March 2010

Puschel was concerned about an infection on the port, becaue of the feaver. And that is what the doctors diagnosed today.

The fever which started on Thuersday is coming and going. Puschel is feeling  is weak a lot, that´s normal, but all in all well.

Today the daily radiation is over. (Always at 12a.m) Now Puschel has a meeting with the surgeon to think about what to do in these situation. We hope that it will be possible to put in a new port system without staying in the hospital. Normaly it is possible, but not with an infection...

Now Eva-Maria, Puschels mom ist staying with her in Heidelberg and Mutterstadt. Today we got a nice visit from Christian, Puschels cousin. Now I´m on the way home with Silas and friend Maria. They were riding with Eva-Maria here.


8th of March 2010

At the moment Puschel is doing very changeable. It is going forward and back with the fever. The fever is not away. It is coming and going, so it is difficult to say where from it comes.

Today Puschel got a different antibiotic medicine. It has to work not only in the port system but also arround by her blood.

It is amazing that Puschel is supported by a lot of people. All the doctors are very understanding in view of her pain and the port and other things. Even she has a friendly female family doctor who is giving her the necessary medicine and all staff for that. Now the days are filled with a lot of things and waiting in different hospitals. Additional to the normal planned radiation they have to look wherefrom the fever is coming. We hope and pray that Puschel can get a new port system soon and the fever is going away.

On Wednesday she has the next appointment in the surgery clinic.


12th of March 2010

Puschel has still some power. Not ever a lot but ever enough. It is presently a little bit slow-moving with all things. The temerature is not able to decide where it wants to go... So Puschel is much weak often. And she has not enough energy to write an eMail or to paint a little bit. Sometimes it is a test for Puschels patience...

On Monday she has an appointment again in the surgery hospital. They want to check the status of infections. It would be really good if these will finish. so Puschel could concentrate for the normal therapy.

So so many thanks to you all those are praying for puschel or writing a letter. And somebody of you gave us even a financial support. We´re only able to thank you and to say: God bless you all! You´re rally an encouragement for us all!!


18th of March 2010

Puschel Today we can inform you that presently Puschel has not longer fever. Until Monday she has to wait. The doctors wants to be sure before they can chenge the port. These is only possible (to take out the old one and put in even a new thing) if there is not an acute infection inside. So we hope that it will be until Monday without an infection.

All the other things are like before. It is a long time now. But the “Game is over soon”... But it needs a lot of energy. Sometimes Puschel has not too much... But these is normal, I guess.

So thanks that you´re with Puschel at these long time!!!


22th of March 2010

10:00 p.m. - Good news of the day: In Puschels lungs wasn´t found any metastasis! They´re clean!! that´s the result of the tests from about 10 days ago.

Tomorrow Puschel will get a new CT from her pelvis to look if any things are changed there. You will get all news when we will have them!


On Monday Puschel wants to get the results of a test with the CT of her lungs. we hope so that the test will show that there are not metastasis. You know how important it is.

Additional she will get a new status of (possibly) infections in her port system.

Furthermore she has her daily radiation too.

Cause Puschel will get a radiation on Saturday before Easter the end of the whole therapy will be on Wednesday after Easter.


25th of March 2010

Now it is a little bit diffuse. Yesterday Puschel got a CT in her pelvis. But the results shows an idiocratical thing. The tumor was growing, we don´t know how much. But the consistance of the tumor is different. It is more fluid and more soft than before.

The doctors are indecisive what should be the conclusion. They changed the radiation (area and intensity) for the next time. But it seems that they don´t know how it can go on.

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and that the cancer has to go away.

The other thing: On Friday Puschel will get a new port system if she is free of an infection. It is also a surgery what Puschel has to handle additional to the normal radiation. First she has the radiation, than - about 12:00 a.m. surgery.


26th of March 2010

Now Puschel has a new port system. It was doing right well!

Puschel had a strong day with her mom Eva-Maria. First she had  the planned radiation. At the lunch time she had the first surgery for taking out the old port system. Than she had a break with an antibiotic drop against possibly infections in these old area. The old system was growing very close in her skin. About 3:00 p.m. she had the second surgery for putting in the new system. We´re thankful that all things went well. Now we hope that Puschel will be able to concentrate again for the normal therapy in the last about 10 days.

However, we will keep you informed for all news we have.


second of April 2010

For tomorrow is planned the penultimate radiation. Because it is Saturday before Easter it will be earlier than normal - 8:00 a.m. So we have to stand up at 6:00 ... But after  Puschel has time to rest. Also at the next Easter days. On Tuesday is planned the last therapy step. On Wednesday we have an appointment in the pain ambulance clinic and the last talk with Puschels radiation therapists.

All in all Puschel is doing well. She is much tired very often. But she has time to rest enough.

first of April 2010

Now are the last days for the whole therapie. On the Saturday Puschel has also a therm of radiation. Her presently feeling is in these circumstanceses right well. Hope she can finish the therapy without new comlications in the week after Easter. We will keep you informed also in the last time. At these time each day has his own burdens...


10th of April 2010

Now all things are different: Puschel is back home!

In the night to Friday we drove to the Bodenseehof in Southern Germany. There we wanted to pick up Puschels sister Esther and to rode together home.

We´re very thankfull for all possibilities in the last weeks! But nothing is more and better than to can be home...!

Many thank to you all for your graet support in prayer and some encouragements per phone or email. Sometimes Puschel got visits from friends and even phones from Sweden..

Now we have to wait and to look what is going on and what are the results of all the radiations. All in all we want to trust in our Lord!

In the end of May we have an appointment in Heidelberg for a new test by MRI.


On the 15th of April Linda will get the surgery. It is planned to puttingh out her scapula. How it will be exactly with her arm is not right clear.

Please pray for

wisdom for the doctors and a good success (it´s the same doctor who made Puschels surgery 2007)

keeping her arm for sure to can use it in a few time again.

her family to give Linda a good background

healing of her wounds (the area where she got radiation has problems normally with healing

enough power and energy for Linda for carrying the resalts of the surgery.

Now started allready preparing time for the suergery

Thank you for asking about her and praying for! god bless you!


20th of April 2010

At the last week was a friend from our church, Annelie, back home for some days. Yesterday she had to go back to Sweden to the torchbearers bible school in Holsby. So Puschel rapiddecided to go together with her and her brother Silas. She wants to stay there for a week now. On Monday they will come back home. In Holsby Puschel enjoy very much the heartily fellowship there. In Holsby is a lot of friends who are staying in prayer for Puschel.

Puschel is doing right well - in view of all circumstances. She has less side effects from the long radiations time. At the moment Puschel is chenging her pain medication. She wants to leave out the port system using. She wants to mimimize the risk of infection by the port.


10th of May 2010

You can see: Puschel is doing well.

She has enough energy for riding to Sweden with her brother. She has enough power too for going with her friends to the Baltic Sea and a riding farm there...

So the waiting time will be a little bit shorter...

Now it will be important that the cancer cell are not longer able to grow.

Therefore it need still a miracle of our Lord! Thank you for staying still in prayer with us for that. But it is allready a miracle that Puschel has still power and joy and peace in her heart.


13th of May 2010

At the moment we havn´t really news about Puschel. She is going forward with changing her pain medication regime. She wants to be more and more independent to her port system. With help of a pain clinic in Heidelberg she is finding out wich alternative ,edicine is good for her daily life. We´re thankfull for these possibility. Puschel is enjoying each new day here at home in the nature of spring. She is waiting patience for the next tests in Heidelberg in the end of May.

Before she wants to go with us to a big youth conference in the pentecost time.


18th of May 2010

The last Newsletter from Puschel (please click on the letters)


the 27th of May...

We will let you now all important news. It is very important if God will put  the cancer out of her body. So she could be able to look forward for make studies as one of the next steps. But all the next steps are depend of the results... Will pray for good results. Thank you for your prayer with us!!! Puschel is able to walk big distances (with a lot of pain or a lot of medicine). But all the next steps are in the hands of our Lord! How good to live in Gods big amazing family!

We will keep you informed!


24th of May 2010

How you can see by the pictures here Puschel had a lot of contacts at the last days. She needed a lot of energy but she had also a lot of fun! You see Puschel has also a lot of friends here in Aidlingen. These youth conference had about 8000 young people. Lucky that Puschel hadn´t to talk with all of them...

Now tomorrow we have an important appointment in Heidelberg. At 9:30 a.m. she has to gat an MRI and other tests. Also she has a talk in the pain therapeutic clinic.

Will look if we will get resutlts soon. Puschel sad before that she is excitedly wich present God has for her 27th birthday on


Second of June 2010

We´re still happy for each day when Puschel can live normal in the normal life arround.

At the last night Puschel had to fight strong against an idiocratical nausea. It´s not to say where from it comes. But all in all Puschel is doing well.

There is one thing what is making us some concerns. The consistance of the tumor is indefinable. Over the tumor area it seem that there agglomerate a lot of fluidity. We hope and pray that it will not be some fluidity from her spinal cord but only normal agglomerated water. Otherwise it could be very dangerous. We hope to get more informations by the results of the MRI tests from the last week. We will inform you so soon as possible.

Tomorrow Puschel wants to ride with us to the 85th birtday of her grandmom in Dresden... Hope it will be possible for her...


21th of June 2010

We have the test results from Heidelberg finally. But nothing new was said to us about the tumor. The only thing what was unknown: The doctors saw on the MRI that Puschel´s skin around the tumor is very thin. That means that if the skin gets hurt, it could cost big problems in the healing process of the skin. The swelling above the tumor is water which is not to big deal as long as the skin is fine. But if the skin is hurt it could cost big problems such like infection or that the skine won´t grow together anymore. The reason for the consistency of the skin is probably the radiation therapy. Therefore Puschel can still do what ever she enjoys and is able to do, but has to be even more careful than before. If you would like, you could pray for safty. It is good for her to be aktive (Imunsystem, training of the Muscles...) We are grateful for your care! Thank you!


2th of July 2010

At the moment the feeling of Puschel is a little bit changeable. Sometimes she has inexplicable pain or problems with her stomic. But she is allways as much as possible activ to be not for a longer time in her bed. Presently we have a soccer camp in our church. So Puschel likes to be with the englsih people. You can see it by the pictures above.

Today she was as a translator with the soccer camp team in a scool in the near of Bülow. Now she is with them at the soccer field where just now  the gospel message comes to the soccer kids.

Additional Puschel is allways busy with painting. You will see here some results of that.

So we´re glad for each day what gives the Lord. Presently we´re in prepairing the next MRI and CT tests in the middle of August. At these time it can be in Berlin. The result will be analyzed after in Heidelberg  .


8th of July 2010

The Appointment of the next tests in Berlin is fixed. It is the 25th of August. So Puschel will get a CT from her lungs and a MRI from her pelvis.

Our prayer is that God will limited the cancer cells in her tumor (area).

With som better and some not so good moments Puschel can be activ. By the pictures you see allmost the better moments. But you know that there are also the others. But from theses times we have normally not so many pictures...

Now Puschel was able to reduce the daily dosis of morphin in a minimal level. Puschel hopes to bring these level to zero in the next two weeks. So she will need not longer the port system. These is a relly good gift of our Lord, cause the risk of infections can be reduced a lot.


14th of July 2010

Best news of this week: Puschel was able to take out the last port needle (we hope the last one for a long time or better for ever) She was able to change her whole medication, therefore she takes onle tablets and nothing through the port anymore. Our prayer is that she will never need a chemo therapy to something like that again and that her pain will reduce more and more.

Other than that nothing has changed. She still has days where she can only lay in her Salvadorian hammock, but in general she is doing very well.

Thank you for your faithful prayers. May God bless you richly.


19th of July 2010

Today we have to remember to the status of Puschel from some days ago:  When  she is getting an infect she is reacting much more than we all. So it is just now. She is not able to walk like on the picture above through the corn fields but she is laying in the long wheel chair - if it´s  possible outside under a blanket in the shadow of a tree...

So we´re  glad much more that God preserved her a long time before. Her blood  status is okay, so we have not to be anxiously. But we pray that there  will not fixing an infect in her lungs. It could be dangerous even  though. Thank you for your prayer!!


27th of July 2010

Since two days it is so much better with Puschels infection. She is able to be outside activ a lot. It is necessary to change and to try a little in her pain medication.

Today Puschels sister Esther could finish her studies for a cook at the Bodenseehof with some tests at the school there. That´s real a gift of God for us and so a reason for thanking a lot.

At the last weeks we hat some youth camps here. Now we have some time to rest a little bit. If it´s stabil with Puschel she is planning a ride to Sweden again.

Thank you so much everytime for all your prayer and carry us all!


05th of August 2010

Now it is doin more and more quietly here in Bülow. But Puschel is busy with the adjustment of her medicine.

Sometimes she is getting attacks of perspire. That is onerously for her cause she doesn´t know where it comes from. But if we´re remembering the time three years ago we´re so thankfull about her status now. Normal that the excitement is growing more and more in view of the test appointment in about 3 weeks in Berlin...!

Thank you so much for all your enduring prayer for Puschel!


10th of August 2010

At the moment it is only nice to see how Puschel is able to enjoy each day in our normal situation. Puschel is doing right well, presently without some attacks. May God give her and us all that the cancer has to go away. So Puschel could think more into the future soon. In two weeks, on the 25th of August, Puschel has the next tests in Berlin, so we have some more informations. How good that it is in Gods hands. We´re alloud to ask HIM for HIS grace and help. So we can be confident and placidly.

Presently Puschel has not noticeable blood levels or othe acut problems.


20th of August 2010

At these time Puschel has a lot of friend who comes to visit her. Some of them are on the way to Sweden (Holsbybrunn)or back from there. Yesterday the Todd Kramlich family with 7 children was here for a night. Allways for the older little girls is Saba a reason for a lot of joy and ardor.

In all the nice things in Puschels presently days our view is directed into the next week. In some days (25.) we have to ride to Berlin for the next extensive tests. There is not less intenseness because a lot of things in the future is depend from these results, you know. How good is it to know that HE has all things in control. God knows what is the best way! How good!


25th of August 2010

Some of you are waiting for a report about these day in Berlin... We´re not able to give you any results of the tests. We hope it will be possible on Friday as a first assessment.

We had a really good day. The tests were going fast and with friendly people there. The doctors and the nurses were really happy to see Puschel walking by herself. They were knowing here in a complete other situation...

After that we had a very nice appointment with a good friend in Berlin. He is a correspondent in the first TV- station of Germany in Berlin. He has to report all things about our gouverment. On Friday I will give you more about this... Have thanks for your interest and all your prayers too. We´re even exited about all the results because it will be very important for Puschels next future.


28th of August 2010

The provisional results of the tests in Berlin came unfortunately yesterday night very late. That's why we couldn't pass them to you until today.

There are good news (always with certain reservations): The local recidiv (the tumor on the back, that was treated at Heidelberg) didn't grow! That is (we still don't know the opinion of the doctors in Heidelberg) a positive answer, because the longer the tumor isn't growing the more sure we can be that the growing of the cancercells stopped through the heavy ion therapy. But the bad news are that there where little findings in the lungs wich could possibly be metastases. So that would be a sign for the growing of the cancer. If that will be proved true the consequences would be a surgery. That would be a complete different situation than what we had before. Not necessarily worse, because it could be still operated very well. But until now God always circumvented or eliminated metastases in the lungs, you remenber!? So we pray that He will do prevent them again. God is able to make the findings vanish for the coming tests (then it could indicate, that there were some shadows of infections).

Thank you that you are thanking and praying with us. God is there, He gave us many blessings. Even though not everything is fine now Puschel is doing well right now. And that makes everyday a gift from God.


So we want to pray that God will give that also in these presently situation. In the past Puschel had some findings but in the end that was shadows from  infections and not metastses. God can give us that these findings are away in the next test or they´re in different places like before.

Thank you for thanking God and praying with us! God gave a lot of helps but it isn´t good completely.

Nevertheless Puschel is doing well at these time. That is making every day als a gift from God.


7th of September 2010


23th of September 2010

So sorry that you had to wait soooo long for news here.

We´re on the way a lot  with Puschel in the last days again.

Regretfully we´ven´t news about the results in Puschels lungs from the last tests. We pray that there are only shadows of some infections of the last time. Puschel is doing right well now. She is trying since some times new natural medicine for her status and her immune sytem. May be it is very good for her. Now she has energy enough for a trip to the Bodenseehof. Here Puschels sister is finishing her studies to a cook helper. Esther is very glad to have us here for these days. Tomorrow we will ride home.

You will get some news in the next days. Puschel is planning a big travel...


26th of September 2010

So we will tell you about our “secret” from the last news (Puschel is planning a big travel...).

Mrs Dörges, a womam who lost 30 years ago her daughter because of the cancer, she gave Puschel the possibility to make fulfilling a real big and long wish she ever had. She payed for a big travel into the fall of Colorada, USA...! She gave Puschel the directive, not to wait if she is able to do that.

So Puschel is able. She will go on Thuesday, 28.Sept.! She will go for three weeks. And I am allowed to go with her for the whole time...

So we will give you the next news her from underway.

We hope and pray that Puschel will still be able to take these time as a resting time and a big relaxed stabil travel. God can give it.

All in all Puschel is stabil now and can risk these walk. May be it  will give her motivation and energy for all times will come.

How good would it be if you will staying in prayer to Puschel!


30th of September 2010

The last time we told you about Puschel’s  desire and plans - now you get to hear about the realization of both already from Colorado Springs, USA!!!

We had a very good flight. Puschel was taken by wheelchair from the security checkpoint to the airplane and then from the airplane to the next security checkpoint. So it was really easy for us to find where we needed to go.

Now we´re staying a few days at a friend’s house, who Puschel met in Sweden. The first thing on our agenda was to relax a little bit... It is still just like summer here. Yesterday it was about 30°C! We will plan as we go and report to you what we are up to. Hope nobody will be envious... Just teasing! Thank you for enjoying this adventure with Puschel and continuing to pray!!

------------ Fotos about on the picturepage

Today, the second day here, Puschel had an opportunity to share in the alternative Christian school where Kirsten works as a teacher. Puschel told about her life. After that one boy had two questions: 1. How old are you? 2. Can I give you a hug...? Although many of them don´t know, Jesus they felt openly that it is a miracle of God that Puschel can be here now...!

-----------  Fotos about on the picturepage

For lunch we were invited by Kirsten’s parents to a Mexican restaurant, which had really good food. Then Kirsten kidnapped, uh, I mean, drove us to see the red rocks in the Garden of the Gods. So we had our first tourist tour of the trip. Unfortunately, we only drove past the center of a big Christian organization called the Navigators because we ran out of time. In the evening another friend from Puschel’s time in Sweden came to visit: Lindsay was the first and only person Puschel baptized... So they reminisced a lot about old times...


05th of October 2010

Today a short note about our time after Colorado Springs:

Wie had a good trip over Denver to Estes Park to the Torchbearers Center “Ravencrest Chalet”. Hier we not unknown people but we came into the normal business here. Between we had two very nice days in the mountains with these wunderfull nature. Today we had a really nice meeting with Joan Thomas, the widow of the initiator of the torchbearers international. One of her sons, Chris, is one of the leaders of these center here and the international director of the Torchbearers. In his house I got the possibility to connect to a good internet.

You can see pictures about all these.

so thanks for all your love and staying with us, most of all for all your prayer!!

Yesterday Puschel really had to go to her limit. We were going fist into the Colorado National Park. We wanted to see one of thelittle mountain lakes. But we had to walk there. We started these walk in an altitude of about 8000 ft. To one of these lakes we had to walk for additional a half mile up higher and higher. It was very strenght for Puschel but she wanted to do that, you know Puschel....

So after that we drove beside the normal way to the top of the mountain into an altitude of about 12200 ft. We saw a wunderfull sunset. But than Puschel condition was finished... It was really cold and the air a little thin... So Puschel began to sleep... But she had a good night. And now all things are well. She has enough power and strenght for all to perceive all great impressions. It is a so great gift of God to be able to experienced all these!


06th of October 2010

6th of Oct. - Today we leave Estes Park to ride into the north, first to Wyoming . We don´t know, when we will be able to report news. Let surprise you...!


08th of October 2010

Yesterday it was nothing with reporting from our trip. We slept in the Teton National Park in our Car. But there wasn´t Internet...

Today we drove through the Teton and the Yellowstone National Park. So we had a (mega) lot of impressions. Some of them we will give you by the pictures below. It´s really incedible how manifoldly and nice to see these nature. We have a God who is only to praise and to worship in view of such impressions!

At the moment we´re staying in a hotel in Missoula, Monatana. Tomorrow we will go up to the north of Montana, may be further to Idaho.

Puschel is doing furthermore well in view of her circumstances´. Thank you for all living with uns and praying for us!!


14th of October 2010

In the last days we had to see so many things. Some of that you can see by the pictures below. We saw a forest with big old cedars, we walked over swinging bridges and could enjoy the neighbor state Montana. We could see a new barn being raised and saw typical farms and houses in Montana, Idaho and Canada. It was really “crazy” to see how mutch nuts you can find in canadian grocery stores (about 10m only nuts...!). We could go with kayaks over a very nice lake (banner picture above) and visited some families around who educate their childeren at home. We saw Timberframe houses being build and also a hand bell choir in Bonners Ferry with childeren of some homeschooling families. Always if these families come together they are singing making music and praying.


18th of October 2010

A little short message and a hello from Corpus Christi, on the coast of Texas. Here it is pretty nice and warm, about 80-85°...! A special hello  to the friends in Idaho and Colorado... We took a ride after our Sunday service in Comfort to south of Texas. (Please smile a little bit to let see that you´re happy with us and not envious... Will report from Texas later more...!


18th of October 2010

Now we have two days else here in the USA!

Our time in the states has been a really wunderful experience. We´re heardly thankful to God that all things went well so far - so that Puschel had alltimes enuogh energy and stability to have so much joy in all things. You felt that in the las little news from our daytrip to Corpus Christi. But now you should get after a little report about the last days before. On the 14th we rode with our car from northern Idaho (you remember?) to Rathdrum and Coeur dé Laine. There we got <a welcome from lovely friends again. First we met Daniel who came only for a visit from Seattle to meet Puschel for a while. We met Howard & Patty Kuhns who gave us all “asyl” for the two days. We met too Tom & Hanna Howard with daughter Molly. Puschel kwows Tom and Daniel from Holsbybrunn, Sweden. Tom and his father picked us to the airport on 16th (6:00 am) for our flight to San Antonio.

In HIS HILL, Comfort, Texas, we wanted to visit Annelie, a girl from our church at home. She is here for a year at a Bible school of the torchbearers.

Today we were together with Annelie in the Sunday service in Boerne. After that we had a pretty nice hot ride to Corpus Christi, direct on the Golf of Mexico. We have here Weather for taking a bath in that water and to weare short trousers... It is good to live here for a longer time now... we´re exited to come back home but the time here in the states went so fast like a flight...

So thank to you all who were with us and wrote a letter or other message to Puschel. We had not allways good Internet and the energy was sometimes over, so Puschel was not able to write back for all, so sorry. But thank you too for all your prayer and enjoying and staying with us. God bless you all!


19th of October 2010

If you were not able until now you can read the last entries in the diary (only clicking there).

Our last days is over, we have to arrange all our staff for the travel back home.

We had e really wunderful time in the last three weeks. We could see a lot of Gods creation, couls meet a lot of lovely friends. All that was a really great gift of God!

He sended us Mrs. Dörges in the way of Puschel who gave the possibility for that all. From here a big thanks to her (although she may not be able to read that).

We´re exited to com home again, butt we would also enjoy to stay a little bit longerin the United States...

We are so thankful to God that he gave us these time and gave Puschel enough energy and stability to be able to enjoy all things. That´s absolutely not self-evident, you know that. If you would enjoy to give thank to our Lord so it would be adequately.

We doesn´t know what will be in the future, more than all the next tests in Berlin again... But God can give us that the spots in her lungs will be simply away. HE CAN! In HIM we still want to trust. thank you for doing that with us. In HIS hands are all things, also our flight back home. We will report how it has going on. Tomorrow in the morning we will leave. And the day after at lunch time we hope to be in Hamburg again.


24th of October 2010

Now you´re waiting for news about our riding back. Sorry for the delay. But first we needed for that travel a lot of more time. And for second here I had on the first day a meeting for preparing of a wedding service and a day after the wedding service with about 300 people. Today we had our sundayservice in our church and the preparing for that on saturday too. So sorry that you had to wait so long.

We had a really great ride all the time. You are able to see that by all pictures and reports about.

On the 20th/21th we started early in the mornig to the airport in San Antonio. All things went well first. But in Dallas we had to stay for more than 6 hours. The aircraft had a delay of 4 hours... So we had no chance to reach our connection flight in London. So the first appointment at home for preparing the wedding o the 23th was gone... All in all we were about 30 hours on the way, but in the end all things went well. The last baggage ist still on the way but we´re happy to be back home...

We´re so thankful for all God gave us. Irt was a right encouragement first for Puschel, but for us all. So we have to say thanks to our Lord for these whole beautiful   time and all experiences!

Meanwhile the time changings are over. We have a lot of happiness an thankfulness in our hearts. It was a time with a lot of new experiences and much more than 5000 beautiful pictures. Sorry that we´re not able to show you that all...


02th of November 2010

Now we´re more and more in the normal home situation - America is allready far ago... But of course these wunderfull time is still in our minds for a long time! The joy of these nice experience will stay.

But now we have to look forward to the next tests in Berlin... Will look for new results of the spots in Puschels lungs. God is able to put them away, we know and we trust!

Now Puschel has time to enjoy in her normal surroundings. It´s still very nice at home...! She has still some problems with her condition after our big trip and a smaller trip to Dresden for a day. But all in all she is doing right well. So we´re really thenkfull for all to our Lord. Each one day is a gift of God!


07th of November 2010

Thank you so much for looking here again and again and praying for Puschel. In a meeting on the weekend we heard again from a lot of People that they are still praying for her in their church or alone. God may bless you in all your work and repay it to you!

Puschel has still to fight with some side effects of changing the medicine or using that. Now she has a lot of hot flashes what to derive she is not able. Also the doctors are not able to give a reason for that. So it is still a daily fight.

But in viewing the circumstances she is doing very well. You know that we´re exited for the next tests.

In a talk with a friend we heard about a woman who is very fearfully awaiting the next test because it´s alltimes possible to get bad results.

It´s also for Puschel and for us really a indefinitely encumbrance or tension. But we can be really confident and trustful becaus we know that HE has all things in HIS hands. HE is able to change all things or to keep them. HE is able to heal or not. Allways we know that HE is thinking good for us and knowing what is the best. That´s the reason for a great peace in Puschels and our hearts.


12th of November 2010

Now it is a little laborious for Puschel because she has some problems by the hot flashes. After that she is cold often. And in the night she is awaking often. So she is more weak on the days. so the day is not so nice... Puschel is testing some things and sometimes she is musing a little aboutwhat is the reason for that. We are hopefully that it´s not a result of the cancer (tumor or metastasis). God is able to give that and give also results of the test in the next week that can show us that´s not from cancer. How good to know that HE has it in control. How good that HE has a good way although we are not able to see it at some moments.


17th of November 2010

Tomorrow we have to go to Berlin again to get the next routine tests. You know that for us these test can not be routine like for the doctors at the hospital. For Puschel it will be important what says the tests about the shadows in her lungs. Also we´re exited for the results of the tests in her pelvis and in the tumor area. We want to trust only in our God that HE shows us to have all things in HIS hands and under HIS control. It would be nice for us to see wished results. But in all cases we want to trust HIM. HE knows allways what is right and good.

We will give you the news about the tests so soon as possible.


19th of November 2010

Now we have once more a different situation than we wished or would like to have: now the doctors are sure that the shadows in Puschels lungs they saw before are really metastases! These spot are now more fixed and a liitle bigger than 3 month before. Beside the radiated tumor they saw some new cance areas, may be the are growing into the former health areas.

All these is not really bif at these time. But the question is again: what we are able to do? What therapy is possible now?

At these time the doctors are not sure. May be we will get an answer in the next week. we will let you know soon what medical options we have.

Once more again we (and also the doctors) don´t know how it can go on. Isn´t it a great (the only for us ) tangible comfort to know that God has an overview on all this? In HIM we will trust further more. HE is our father who will think and do it good.

Thank you for all your prayer!!


27th of November 2010

Actually it looks not so good for Puschel at these time. We don´t know what we can do now. The doctors in Berlin proposed her to make a new chemotherapy so soon as possible. It´s our presently deliberation. If you want, please pray for the right decisions. May God show us the next steps. HE has still all options. HE is allwayw able to show HIS might. Whatever HE want, we pray to can give HIM glory  through all these times and ways.

At the moment Puschel is “out of our home”. She traveled to Holsby, Sweden for some days... Yes you are reading right well. I brought her yesterday to the ferry in Rostock. In Trelleborg picked up her Jenny, a friend in Malmö (also from the Holsby-family). Today in the morning Puschel drove to Vetlanda. Today is in Holsby the Thanksgiving party... These Travel Puschel was able to do because she is more powerfull and without her hot flashes... Thank you for all you prayer for her!!!


02th of December 2010

Again we are sitting at the hospital.  

And again Puschels mom, therefore my wife has her birthday and is home - alone... Puschel is starting with her chemo therapy today. There is not really a possibility of healing through this chemo from human view.(hope of stopping the chancer to grow and if it´s very good reduce of them) Once more Jesus is our only hope. For Him it´s not late.

In the last couple of weeks the pain increased again.

Late at night yesterday I piced up Puschel from the ferry, that came from Sweden. The pain meds she took with her lasted right untill I picked her up. Good that God is planni much better than we do...

Now we hope that Puschel won´t have any side effects from the chemo.

Her white blood count was to our surprise today even lower than in the last few month. It is a big prayer request that they won´t drop further down. The doctors still decided to give her the chemo, but if the white blood cells are going too low, for too long, they won´t be able to give her the next chemo before christmas.

In the next few days we will show you some more pictures from Puschels time at Holsby. It was a very blessed time for Puschel. For the first time since 5 years Puschel was able to travel on her own. It would be nice, if that will be possible for a long time...Thank you for your prayer as well as for  your care and love.


08th of December 2010

It´s really encouraging to know that there are so many those are looking here and alltimes praying for Puschel!! She ist furthermore undauntedly and happily. There are some additional problems after the chemotherapy, but also easements (for example less pain in the left pelvis area). Now Puschel has to modify all pain killer medicine, because she could reduce that in the last few month.

All in all Puschel is doing well, especially in view of the chemotherapy last week. Now she has a little bit time and energy to write emails and prepare parcels for friends for Christmas or making handicrafts. For the next week she has an appointment with some older women in our village for making handicrafts...

For our church Puschel painted two postcards we want to show you below. It´s more for the Germans, but also for you all, to can buy some cards (so many as you want for yourself, for gifts or for your church). You can get the smaller one (normal postcard) for 85 ct., the bigger ons ( 21,5cm to 13.8cm).  You can give an email with your adress to Puschel. For a part it´s for Puschel paying some necessary things because shehas  no money from the social security, but has to pay her health insurance.


17th of December 2010

Today we want to share our questions and a little bit too our anxieties or apprehensions. Cause Puschel is more and more losing some functions of her nerves or muscles in the left leg (it was allways the healthy leg). The doctors are thinking the reason is the expansion of the tumor into the bones of the left side of her pelvis.

How it´s going with the metastasis in Puschels lungs, we don´t know. It will be shown by the next tests after the next steps of these presently kind oft the chemo therapy.

We are hoping and enduring praying that God will give good results of thes chemo therapy od will do another miracle in Puschels body.

In the youth group of our church in the last night we read about gods promise in Lucas 1,37 that for HIM nothing is impossible. May HE show us these ones more like many many times before, mostly by sending HIS son into our  world.

Nevertheless Puschel is doing right well (except losing the nerves in the left leg). Yesterday sh could have a meeting for making handcrafts with some lasies of our village. Esther, her little sister who got some additional free days before Christmas by her chief Heinz Spindler and Ellis, a dutch friend of Puschel from the Sweden time could help her a lot.

In the next week Puschel has to go again into the hospital of Berlin for the next Chemo step. It will be depend from her blood levels in the next days.


23th of December 2010

Yesterday Puschel had the next chemo step in the hospital in Berlin. It was a friendly time there. But about results or  effects we´re not able to tell. In the medical or human view we have only to wait now. But in the spiritual  view we have the great possibility that we can tell HIM all these things. God has all possibilities in HIS hands. In HIM we can trust. HIM we can ask for all! HE is able to do all things beyond all medical possibilities. Thank you all to do that with us. It is a really great gift to know that you all are staying beside Puschel

May God give you all a blessed Christmas time!

HE has not to prove thet he is able to do some miracles. The greatest of all miracles is HIS sun in these manger in the stable in Bethlehem. God became a human so we are able to become a child of God. It´s an incredible exchange! Let us enjoy these great thing!


26th of December 2010

It is amazing that Puschel is able to enjoy the Christmas time as a normal member at home. We have a wunderful winter here in Northern Germany. In the Holy Night the biggest part of the visitors in our Christmas service (Puschel too) had to get free by big special machines from the snowbanks on the road back home. We needed 90 minutes for three kilometers. It was a good danger felloship in these snow storm and freesing coldness... So most of the people didn´t wish the white Christmas...

For Puschel we hope and pray only that the failures of her nerves and muscles will not get more and more. Thank you all for praying with us!  Allthough Puschel is able to handle the meantime  bigger lot of pain medication. She is doing well with this.


08th of January 2011

It was really a shock, especially for Puschel, when her bigger brother Titus got the accident and suddenly was found in the special hospital in Lübeck. How good to know that HE has all things in HIS hands!

Puschel wanted to go down into the Southern Germany with Heinz Spindler (He was with his wife Ute here in Bülow for 3 days) to visit her friends there. The possibility was good. But her cold was too strong, her lungs were not okay. Yesterday when Spindlers had to leave the cold in Puschels body was away but she had stronger problems with her skin on the feeds. It is a side effect of the chemo therapy. So Puschel had to get out these plan/desire. Often before she had to give away her desires. So it wasn´t a drama now. But she isn´t able to know how long it will be possible to do such things in view of her condition in power and energy. She is feeling more and more the side effects of these chemo therapy. So we hope and pray that there will be not only side effects but also effects and ggod results of these. God is able to do that. so we will ask HIM enduring for that. Thank you that are doing that with us!!





































































For all those are knowing Titus, Puschels brother:
Today Titus had a big accident. He got heavy burnings in the right side of his face. He came into the emergency in our hospital but then very quick with an helicopter into a special clinic in Lübeck. If anyone of you have some free capacities for a prayer...!? Thank you so much! If we have some news we will let you know that.

Titus is in a special hospital of the Uni-Clinicum in Lübeck. It´s the best care for him there. And he is doing well in view on the circumstances. It´s not longer a danger for his life. The eye is okay, in his right ear he has a big noise. We hope and pray that he will not have durable serious damages. The doctors have to decide if a transplantation will be necessary. We ´re so thankfull for all your prayer and signs of compassion. . Gesine his wife is now with the two children in Hamburg with her mother. So she is able to visit him every day.
Apropos - yesterday we had a Bible vers for the day (official daily bible vers book): Hesekiel 34,16: I will search for the lost and bring  back the strays. I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak.

Today we´re able to give you good news about Titus: It seems that a transplantation of the skin will not be necessary. His eye is okay. Only the ear has bad noises (tinitus). Now it will be a thing of a longer time. We are hopefully that his wounds will heal and he will come home soon .Thank you for all your thinking and praying with us. It´s so amazing and encouraging to have you. We will let you know the next news.

Today we´ll give you the possibli last message about Titus, the older brother of Puschel. The last message because he came,  surprisingly for us, today out of the special hospital in Lübeck. He has not longer  bandages arround his head.  His wounds healed surprisingly qiuck and good. The doctors are very confidently that he will not keep a lot of damages. The noise in the ear is still there. So he has to look for it and to be patience. Thank you all so much for all your prayer and all your support for us.





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