3th of January
From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the LORD is to be praised.  Psalms 113,3
Now we ´re in the new year. And we coukd see that Puschel was doing better than ever before after a chemo. At the last days she could participate in all family activities very very energetic, in her possibilities of course. Therefore we´re very happy and thankful in God. Yes she is enduring very had sick but God is so good as we see.

On 17th of January Puschel has allready to go to Berlin for different tests and the next chemo step. But like like until now we will take every days thankful from Gods hands. I guess her body and also all surroundings are better in handling now.

Sure the blood levels will go down at the next time. And we will have some hard times but we know that our Lord is walking with Puschel and with us. And it´s a great encouragement to see how you are going with her in all you prayers and your love. God bless you so much.

Today Puschels friend Myriam and Puschel little sister Esther are her the last day for her vacation. But it was wunderful to see how Puschel was able to live with them. She is also living with our church and the young people here, Today she had a bible study group arround her bed - after the physiotherapy. She has a full programm...


6th of January
From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the LORD is to be praised.  Psalms 113,3

Now we ´have to make blood tests about every day again. It´s normal that the blood level is very low at these time. The leucos have a level of nearly zero. But idiocratical the thrombos have been much better yesterday.
Today Puschel was much more weak than before. So she is not so enterprising. But to go n the fresh air with her wheel chair is the best for her immune system.
The pictures with Puschels sister Esther are allready from the 4th of January... But the picture of our soft frozen lake is presently.
We´re ever and ever thankful for all your prayer. It´s a very special experience for us to be carry in so much prayers and in the presence of our God. Some of you asked us if it is a kind of extrusion that Puschel is so happily and has usually a happy face.  Anytime would come of course a “normal depression” of this sickness.

It´s true: we´re not everytime happy. And this sickness is truely still live-dangerous. But Puschel knows that “God plan is perfect”. He has a good way for her life! It´s not only a stereotypical expression. We´re really thankful for your love and trueness. But if you´re standing before our God in prayer for Puschel you can believe that God makes this miracle that Puschel can be happily in HIM. You´re praying and God is here in Puschels heart and ours. You can believe that HE is hearing your prayers.
Therefore we´re so glad for your looking here at this website and staying in prayer and sending emails and greetings.
We knows that it will go up and down for a long time. And it will be very helpful for us to know you beside Puschel for the coming time. So we have a great father in heaven and we´re so glad to live in HIS lovely family alltimes.
God bless you all!


7th of January

Latest news (13:00 local time):

We have to go to Berlin again in this moment. Puschel deded new thrombocytes. They are so low that it´s not longer tolerable for the doctors in Berlin.

So we hope for a good trip now and for the right thrombos in the right time. We´re in God´s hands by these trip in these weather (0°C...)


7th of January

And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.     Maleachi 3,18 

Just now we´re backfrom Berlin. There Puschel got new thrombos. The level of the thrombocytes was very low, so she had to get a plasma transfusion.

Our trip was good and effectiv. On the last time we needed a lot of time for this but today it was going very fast.

Now we´re at home and be glad for all possibilities waht we have. By our trip we could pick up Eva, Puschels friend from Austria and her sister. They were coming from Stuttgart by Airplane to Berlin:

Now we´re hopefully for Puschel to have a good time at home to the next trip to Berlin in the next week (17.1.)


9th of January

And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.     Maleachi 3,18 

Puschel is doing well again. Her blood level is acceptable - under these circumstances of course. Just now we could make a tripo outside in the small time of sunshine at these day. That´s very nice and really good for Puschel - for her boday and for her feeling.

Yesterday we got the new from El Salvador that the bell can come from the harbour to “La Casa de mi Padre”. Because the president of El Salvador has confirmed that the bell is a gift for himself and (or over his office)  for La Casa. Just Yesterday Gary Powell from La Casa got the papers of the presidental office. So he will be able to pick up the bell from the harbour and bring it to the farm and the chapel.

Now we hope that the bell will hang in the chapel soon. We will let you know all news of this. And we´re sure that the money we´ve sended  with the bell will be enough for all there and will also be in a good rest for the childeren in La Casa. You can look at the homepage of “La Casa de mi Padre” with a lot of informations and news and a movie...


11th of January


Today I finally want to write again.

I am really thankful that you don’t insist on me answering all your emails, letters and guest book comments. I still don’t have lots of times during the day when I have the strength to do something which requires being really concentrated. And right now there are times when going outside getting fresh air is more important for my physical condition. That’s why I want to ask you once more for your understanding that many of you write but do not get a personal response.  Please take this letter as a response!

I had a great time at home over Christmas ...

These sentences keep going. Again Puschel wanted to send you  a Hallo. And even if she can not answer everybody you  can take it (just click on the text above or here) as a personal letter. She really wants to thank you all for your letters and signs of  being connected in Christ.

We are really very thankful that she is doing well these days even if she had chemo just 10 days ago. The blood level takes a lot longer to recover.

So we´re thankful that we can enjoy the days before the next chemo will start again.


13th of January

The past two days Puschel has not been feeling that well. Puschels blood levels has gotten worse again, especially her red blood cells. And that quickly influences her general state of health (headaches, general weakness, extremly pale and so on). It could be that if her blood levels don't get better by tomorrow she'll have to get another blood transfusion before the next chemo. While these levels are so bad the next chemo can't be started. It would be good now if Puschel could get the last two chemos, so that we can finally close that chapter. We can then of course only hope and ask God that everything has the hoped for effect. And that the next MRI will be negative that means without findings.

Thanks a lot for all your prayers. Thank you so much for all your support!

All additional messages you'll get here.

The fresh air is still good for her as you can see on the pictures above.... Puschel is still very confident, thankful and optimistic.

13.1. ; 22:33

If you read this and can, please pray for Puschel. Her fever is permanently rising up since few hours. If it will not be lower after the next hours we have to got to the hospital!

Tank you very much!


14.1. ; 11:05

Now, it was not to be prevented, however, to bring Puschel into the hospital in Teterow. A real puzzle is until now from where the fever comes. It was a very restless night. In the end she had 39,2° fever. Thanks for prayer to you!


15th of January

I am only writing shortly today. Many of you know that Puschel is back in the hospital since early this morning probably because of an acute infection. Her Leucos have risen so high that it looks like an infection. The high fever that she still has seems also to be a sign of that. The hospital in Teterow is taking care of her very well. For that we are very thankful. We of course hope that she can come home soon and also that she can still start the next chemo.

It is not so great right now but it is good to know that God knows the purpose of this latest struggle, and in HIM we trust. And HIM we can ask that he'll also let the next steps with Puschel be good steps.

Thank you for continuing to read about and pray for Puschel. I'll keep you informed!


16th of January

Again I am only writing shortly today. Puschel is still in the hospital but without fever now. Probably she will come home allready tomorrow.

Just now she is getting three different antibiotics to keep away all risks of infections. Probably she can get these medicine also at home. So it will be better here than in the hospital.

We don´t know the reason for the attack of fever. Therefore the doctors will make few test of her blood at the next time.

You know that the chemo should start tomorrow in Berlin. Now it will begin probably one week later.

So we´re very thankful to our Lord for HIS help and protection. We´re glad that Puschel don´t needed a new stay in Berlin because an infection. We remember of the last hard time in the intensive care unit for a week...

We thank our Lord and we thank you for your prayer alltimes.

Thank you for continuing to read about and pray for Puschel. I'll keep you informed!


18th of January

Regretfully Puschel couldn´t come home today! The fever came back and of course, the doctors were not able to let her go home . So Puschel was very disappointed and sad, and for a long time she had to fight back the tears...

But in the evening when I prepared her for bed the fever was gone again. So I hope it will be okay tomorrow...

At home Puschel will be able to live a little bit safer away fom infections than in the hospital...

We guess she has an infection of her intestine. There is a little epidemic of this right now, but the results of blood tests will come later.

So we hope that Puschel willl be home for the weekend...

Please pray for that if you will and also for Puschels happiness... God bless you for all. I will Keep you informed.


20th of January

Just now it is with Puschel like before the hoepital day. It is going up an d down with her feeling. But all in all she is doing right very well. The exciting question is how is it with the balance between all different medicaments. But right now it is good for her. Now we will see when the next chemo will start. We will know this in the next days. And of course we will let you know it here soon. Also infos about the bell you will get here soon. Tomorrow we hope to get news about. So we wish you a good new week under Gods blessings. Thank you for all your faithfulness in HIM and in prayer. HE is faithfully to us. In HIM we can trust all times!


23th of January

Now it´s clear: tomorrow Puschel has to go to Berlin again! It will be the second to last step of the chemo for now.

Puschels blood levels are nearly good, so good that she will be able to get the chemo. It´s not fun for Puschel, you know this. But we´re glad to know that it will have an end in the end of February. Of course it is our prayer that God will keep away the cancer from her boday for ever.

Tomorrow also she will get a CT test from her loung.

I will keep you informed at the next time!

God bless you and we thank you for your prayer!


25th of January

Now I´m  in Lobetal again in the friendly family Dehn... Here I´m for staying overnight. And here I´m able to give you the latest news. Puschel is in Berlin since yesterday, you know. Actually the chemo should start so soon as possible. But the bad blood levels doesn´t have allowed it. Yesterday she was only able to get a CT test. By this we got the news: all things in Puschel loungs are okay!!! Halleluja and thank you Lord!!! You can thank with us!!! We´re very glad for this message.

Now we have to wait for tomorrow. Puschel will get a blood test again. And then the doctors have to decide if the next chemo will be possible now or later, may be in a week. Tomorrow I will let you know it here.

The doctors decided  in any case to give Puschel a once more reduced dosis of the chemo because her blood is not able to recover at the needed time. Now the question is if the last two steps of chemo are possible or not.

How good is it to know that God is knowing this and HE has it under control and is able to let the doctors know what is right!

Thank you so much again for all your prayer! God bless you!


26th of January

It is excitingly to make the experience that God has every day a new  surprise for us. We know that HE has it under control I said yesterday .Now we´re at home again!!

The blood levels sank down again. So the chemo couldn´t start today! To stay for the weekend at the hospital was not really possible - first because for Puschel is every hourto stay there one hour too much. And for second we cannot be sure that the blood level is better on Monday. So we have to wait at home for better blood... and we´re faster here than we could think...

One good thing in these trip is the good result of CT!! You read it yesterday. How it will keep going is depend of the next blodd tests on Monday.

So I will let you know how the things with the bell of the chapel in San Salvador are doing. How you can see by the pictures the bell is installed allready. The president gave his sign for the custom office at the port.

So the onliest question was how much would be the tax of the port office for storage the bell. It couild be very expensive or not... In the end it was 23 Dollar!! So Gary Powell had not to pay our spended and sended money for custom and other unneeded things. He can take this money for the children of La Casa de mi Padre!! Praise and thank the Lord!

And thank you all for your help in this project. It is a great encouragement not only for Puschel but also for the people in La Casa. God bless you all, also for your prayer for this project.

And also for Puschel in these days. I will let you  know all news!


28th of January

Last night it was close again for Puschel and us for another trip to the hospital because an infection. She suddenly started to have fever again (everything above 38°C is a sign of alarm).

For today was a blood test already planned for the next chemo which is how you know over due.

The white blood cells showed 6.4 which is high for Puschel. Therefore it can be a sign of an infection. Both, the fever and the blood test, are a sign of an infection but we don´t know what kind. Puschel can still be at home.

Tomorrow Puschel will have another blood test. The doctor will take a closer look at the levels for infection as well other things where they mind be able to decide when the next chemo can start.

We will keep you updated for sure.

Right now Puschel is okay and we hope and pray that Puschel doesn´t have top go to the hospital again because of an infection.Many greetings from Puschel: Thank you for all your prayers. May God bless your day and keep the desire to have a close friendship with HIM!

Friendship with God is reserved for those who reverence HIM. With them alone He shares the secrets of HIS promises. (Psalm 25,14)


30th of January

Now we have the new blood levels. And we´re glad to see: they are stabil and good. They´re good enough for the doctors from Berlin to start the next chemo so soon as possible.

So we have to go to Berlin on Friday. We hope that there will not be a new obstruction for the next chemo.

The most exciting question is if the blood will recover enough after this chemo for the last step.

There will be the question if the lest step of chemo will be possible without a big effort for Puschels body.

In a medical view it will be right and nessecary but if it is too hard for the body and the blood the doctors have to consider what is the best.

But now it is like everytime before: it´s right to go step by step and trust that our God will help and lead us and the doctors right.

It´s nice to have you all beside to trust and to beleive and to pray together!

Good to trust HIM in our whole life and to see: HE ist close to us and HE will give us a great composedness and courage day by day.

Thank you for all prayer with us! God bless you!


04th of February

Now the last chemo is over too. Today in the morning again Puschel was weak and tired. But at the afternoon she has been awake and more relaxed again. Now she excited for coming home tomorrow. And we hope it will really being in the morning....

In the afternoon we were able again to use the time for talking, and in the night we could watch again a movie. Puschel got visits from her uncle and her cousin. So it was anice day under these circumstances...


About all things in the next time we will let you know!

God bless you all!! I will keep you updated!


5th of February

Now Puschel is happy and thankful to be home again!!

We were able to go out from the hospital in time today. And the lunch Puschel could eat from her Mom!! It was very good and tasty!!

We´re glad that Puschel is doing very well right now. She is not so weak like after the last chemo steps. Sure there will come another moments but right now we´re joyful. You will give thank to our Lord with us??

Now we hope and pray for the next days. Today in the night Puschels temperature is too high again. But God has it in control and is able to make it good and right.

Today in the night we were able to go out in the fresh air with Puschel and our friends (the family of Heinz Spindler from the “Bodenseehof” - a german torchbearers bible school) who are visiting us right now.  And it would be nice to do this also in the next days...!

We will keep you updated...!

Last a new question to you: would you like to pray also for Sophie? She has to get some tests of MRI and other. And she hast to get the next chemo allready at the next weekend. I will give you more informations later. Thank you!


6th of February

Thankyou for praying for Puschel! The temperature was okay in the whole day. It is still a question: how it will be in the next hour...?? But just now it is good with Puschels status and also her blood levels. So we´re glad and thankful.

We will pray that it will be still the same at the next days in this week.

Today in the night we were able again to go out into the fresh air with Puschel and our friends (the family of Heinz Spindler from the “Bodenseehof” - a german torchbearers bible school) who are visiting us right now. And it would be nice to do this also in the next days...!

We will keep you updated...!

Last a new question to you: would you like to pray also for Sophie? She has to get some tests of MRI and other. And she hast to get the next chemo allready at the next weekend. I will give you more informations later. Thank you!


9th of February

So sorry, some of you were waiting for news about Puschels blood levels.  But it was happende so many things hier, and Puschel had very good friends those were visiting her in the last days...

But now I will tell you a little story. Yesterday Puschel had thrombos 28. And normally this will still go down. (They came from 83 on Thuesday...). So we thought, we would have to go to Berlin today. But Puschels friend were still in Bülow today. We asked God to give a good solution for thes problem.

And today she got a new blodd level test. And the thrombos had not 18 or 8 but 85!! So Puschel was able to stay here and had a lot of joy with her friends. You can see it by the pictures...

We had a good time with them with a very nice weather.

Puschel has to be careful because the level of her leucos is 0,3. But for better or more leucos she got medicine allready in Berlin, so we hope the will rise up in the next days.

The next and hopefully last chemo is planned for the 29th of February. But until then, there will be still some exciting days..


11th of February

Just now we came from Berlin where Puschel got a portion new thrombos and two complete units of stored blood. It was a real gift of our God that Puschel was able to stay here in Bülow for the whole week end. The blood levels were nearly ok for this time. Only today they went down (the thrombos to 7 - the normal  lowest level is 100). So we had to go to Berlin. But the week end Puschel could spend her friends from south of Germany.

Now we have to wait...

I will keep you informed! Thank you for all!


13th of February

After getting “new blood” on Monday Puschel blood levels have been much better. So we were able to go with Puschel in a cinema to watch a very fine movie about God´s creation. You know the movie “Earth”??

Puschel could lieing down at the cinema. So she was able to take pleasure in watching the movie.

It´s fine that Puschels status is good now. It is so nearly everytime at the last time. Yesterday she was more weak than normal.

So every has his own Problems (“will worry about itself”...Matth 6,34).

Now Puschel is trying to get more and more energy and Power for her legs. She is getting the help of a physiotherapist - if it´s possible - every days. It´s good for her to have a very positive attitude for her life. And it´s genial that you´re watchings this site and praying for her everytime!!


16th of February

You turned my wailing into dancing;

you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy.                               Psalms 30,11 (NIV)

Day by day we´re looking for the blodlevels and the effects for the status of Puschel. sometimes she is weak and needs nearly all the time of the forenoon to come “on the life of the day”.

But then usually she is doing well to very well. You can see it by the pictures. I would be able to show you also pictures of the sleeping and weak Puschel, but I think it would be wearisomely. It is good for you to know that she has not only these beaming moments but all in all she is really doing at this time. And a little bit she is living to the last step of the chemo becaus after that she has the chance for living more normal...

So if it´s possible we´re going every days into the bright sunshine and the really clear air outside. It will help her little red blood cells.

So she is able to enjoy for each day and take it as an gift from our heavenly father. And in all this she is very encouraged by all the contacts to you with your mails or calls or visits.

For me it´s a miracle that you persist in staying beside Puschel. Hopefully it will be also a blessing for you! In HIM we´re connected!


21th of February

Again I have to say soory for a too long time without news here - the tiresome problem with the computer... I should begin again   with a “Mac”.... (hopefully Steve Jobs will sponsor soon this website....

But surely  we had  a “normal” time together at the last days here. Puschel is doing well in view of all circumstances. We´re glad and thankful that she had not to go into the hospital in Teterow after the last chemo.

Now the blood levels are nearly constant in a sufficient range. Puschel sometimes feels worse, as with quite bad values. But that´s normal.

Now the next (hopefully last) chemo will come soon. Then she will be able (we hope) to rest and recover complete. Puschel will need two or three month.

Yesterday we were going outside with the big wheelchsir for nearly 9 Km through our very nice landscape. That´s good for us all. And it´s good for showing you new pictures... You can see by them that Puschel is doing well and we are very thankful to our Lord.

It´s good to know that you are looking here every time to read how Puschel is doing and pray for her. These is a great encouragement. God bless you. It is good to give HIM praise, however is our own feeling just now!

Sing to the LORD, praise his name; proclaim his salvation day after day                                Psalms 96,2


24th of February

Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not

all his benefits.                      Psalms 103,2

We had in the last week some nice days with sunshine and warm weather and than is nothing better than to leave the house and go for walks...just look at the pictures. Puschel has to take strong painkiller before she can take a ride in the wheelchair. Otherwise she can't enjoy the time. She also is always trying to find her limits...

The plan is that we have to go to Berlin on the next frieday (29.2) for the last chemo. So we hope that till then the Bloodlevels and her health is good. And we pray that the whole therapy will help. It is in Gods hand. In Him we want to trust. Thank you that you do it with us together. Thank you for your prayers and your faithfulness.


28th of February

In  the last few days I´v been travalling to the west and south of Germany. Puschels condition didn´t changed. She is still doing good of course if you look at her circumstances.

The big question is if tomorrow we can start with the last chemo.  Puschel would be glad about it since it is nice to finish it finally. Plus she wants to see friend from the south of Germany on the next week end. The problem are like always the white blood cells. The other blood levels are okay. The leucos are very much on the border weather we can start or not. So we pray that they want go further down. Tomorrow morning we will do a blood test at home and then we will see what will happen. Thanks you you for your faithfulness in prayer this time again. We will keep you updated. May God bless your day. Keep you happy about your life (original sound Puschel today!!) and about the people around you.


29th of February

Many are saying of me, "God will not deliver him."

But you are a shield around me, O LORD; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.     Psalms 3,2-3


I write for you that we were walking arround at the afternoon and you can see Puschel in the physiotherapy. So I´m sure you what it means: Puschel could not go to the chemo today!

The blood levels were too low. So we have to try it again on Monday.

That´s not the desire of Puschel but sha is able to take it how it is. You can see by the picture on right that Puschel is able to enjoy for all necessary things and she is able to look at God´s goodness.

She would like to meet friends from the south of Germanyx again in the next week end . So we hope that she chemo will end in the right time...

And Puschel would like to end the whole chemo soon... But God knows why these delay is necessary. She is doing right well in this time. So she can take a litle bit easier.

We will let you know the next news here!


2th of March

Tomorrow we will check Puschels  blood level again to see if we can start with the chemo.

Puschel  has been tired a lot in the last few days. That could be because of her blood level in general. But all in all she is still doing well.  Again today we were able to walk outside where we had storm, wind and sunshine at the same time. Awesome! For trips like that it is routine for her to take the ride amount of pain killer.

We will let you know how we have to continue. Thank you for your prayers and that you check again and again how Puschel  is doing.  It is great to belong to Gods family and enjoy life together. May God bless you richly


3th of March

The Lord replied,

"My presence will go with you,

and I will give you rest."

Exodus 33:14

Unfortunately we will still be busy for a while with checking blood levels. The white blood cells are today lower than on Friday. They went down from 1,6 to 1,3. The baby cells of them are low too. They are called Neutrophile. Practically it means that we may be able to start in a week, but not earlier.

Therefore Puschel has this week downtime  although she is again in danger to get an other infection. Since today she has already sore throat. We hope and pray that this won’t turn into a bad infection with fever … All in all Puschel is weak and tired these days, but her spirit is well. God’s blessing to all of our brothers and sisters in Christ. 


7th of March

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Phil 4:6


Some of you probably checked the webpage a couple of times already to see if anything was happening. I am so sorry. I was very busy in the last few days and again today it is after… well I won’t tell you. But I still want to let you know how she is doing. Not lots of thinks are happening these days, but that’s good too. She is doing well. Her cold is under control and her blood levels are getting better. Therefore it is almost positive that she will start with the chemo next Monday. After that the blood and everything else will get bad again, but not to bad since we hope for this time being the last chemo!

We will go to Berlin together and then you will hear more again. Puschel is doing a “wintersleep” and is tired a lot and sleeping a lot, but maybe right this is good for her.

To you again a big thanks for All your love, care and prayers. May God bless you. This is what he wants , when you call to Him and stay in contact with Him.


9th of March

Actually was Puschel really supposed to go to Berlin for the last chemo. But the blood levels from today are not good enough.to start a chemo in the stadium where Puschel is at (2,0) The doctors from Berlin recommended that we will have a more speciffic blood test on Monday. And from that we will see. Puschel is still doing good for her circumstances. She had a very nice day on Saturday with her friends from south of Germany. They came up to the North for the weekend to lead the worship from a TeenPrayerCongress. You can see it by the picture above.

If you like to, please pray for the main responsible person for the congress. His name is Jakob. Some days before the TeenPrayerCongress doctors found out that he has leucemia. Thanks to God that He blessed the congess in a dramatic way for the Teens and staff. And again we pray that Puschel will be able to leave the chemo behind her fast, but we also know that HE know the best what the best timing is. How good to know! Thank you for your prayers, faithfullness and love. We have a great God in whom we can trust more than that we have food tomorrow (compareson from Puschel)


12th of March

Now it´s clear: Tomorrow we will go to Berlin. Not sure for the chemo because Puschel as a little infection today and a little bit higher temperature. Her leucos have 3,8! And it´s more a sign for an infection than good blood levels. But the doctors from Berlin wants to have a look on Puschel and be able to decide better if it´s possible to give Puschel the last chemo. Kepp you informed!

We know that HE know the best what the best timing is. How good to know! Thank you for your prayers, faithfullness and love. We have a great God in whom we can trust more than that we have food tomorrow (compareson from Puschel)


14th of March

...and suddenly we´re at home again!  And you know what?? Puschels chemotherapy is over!

Dear friends, you can celebrate with us!

The last tests in Berlin showed that the last chemotherapy is not possible because of her bad blood levels. We gave it into Gods hand therefore we will trust that will be right. Now Puschel has two days of vacation. On Monday and Tuesday she will have different final tests such like MRI, CT, hard echo, hearing test and others. After that the therapy will be history for us as far as we know.

A while ago Puschel was lying in her bed and said: It´s unbelievable!

So we want to thank God that HE carried us so far. And we want to thank you that you have been constant. We know that’s not the end, but we know that also the next steps will be in God´s hands. Now it´s time for rehabilitation and getting into normal style :-) A big Hello from Puschel to you! God bless you!


19th of March

Now is the time that  Puschel can be home for real. The chemo is over. Yesterday we had a lot of test. But we do not have the results.

But so far every thing is well. The plan is that she has to go back to Berlin every three month for testings.

Now its important time for Puschel to recuperate and for the blood to get back in good shape. The different test yesterday (it went for 7 hours without a break) were very hard for  her so that she had to rest the whole day today. But it will probably get better in the next few days.

She still has to fight with lots of pain in her right leg therefore she still has to take a lot of painkiller. We hope that this will get in end soon.

But all togehter we are very glad that everey thing is over so far. We hope and pray that she can get better day by day.

The good thing is that every thing is in Gods hand.

You still will get the news on this Homepage it mind be in bigger intervals.


24th of March

Puschel is doing well! Her recuperation takes time but it´s getting better day by day (week by week).

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, was the first time since about 10 month that she was able to come with us to our (Renaissance-) church. Usually in the winter we have church in our house. Therfore she was able to participate over video. It was for us but also for our church a good step forward. We´re thenkful to God for that.

Puschel allways tries to go to er limits. We were able to get a "little body" with 4 wheels (real a 4wheeler) for her who can help her to get freedom back in some ways. You can imagine that Puschel had to test it. It doesn´t really work for longer time right now but for a little bit. Right now she has to take some extraof painkiller but it´s worth it for her. On this she can sit without being worried that she would fall. It also helps her to be able to go out in the fields and enjoy the nature. Sure it´s not as good as a horse but for first much better than laying in her bed...

I´m sure you like to see a picture of it. As long as Puschel is not really able to use it as much as she would like to her brothers and friends and visitors like to take care of it. The 4wheeler is also a mitivation for her. She also gets the motivation throu daily walks. That time everybody is allowed to push. It takes lot of strenght. And I, her dad, can skip my running for that day....

Thank you for your patience also because you had to wait 5 days to get new informations. Thjank you for your prayers. Oh, we and we will get the results from the last tests in Berlin soon!


28th of March

Now is the time that her hair on her head starts to grow back. The eyelashes are almost complet. In the few of her prettiness she only left temporary the other girls primacy... (in her letter May 2008) It is good that evey little hair is important to our God (Math. 10:30) Therefore we can trust HIM also in the future everything.

Today she recived again a new neadle for the port. Thats the way how we can give her extra liquid. Here is the most important thing that it does not get any infection. In 3 month the doctors will remove the whole thing. This will be a little operation. Otherwise it could cost extra infect.

Puschel is still fighting with beeing tired and weak. But in the afternoon and evening she is more awake and active. But we still will need alot of patient. Every day is a thank to our God. And for evey little present of His we want to be thankful


30th of March

These Vers we had in our sunday service today (Isaia40,20-31). And Puschel was in her normal wheelchair also in our service!! All the time!

That was a special gift of God for us all in our church.

It´s very nice to see how she is more able day by day to feel more stabil and good of course in her limits...

But Puschels trys alltimes to enlarge these limits. You can see it by the pictures above.

Now the spring is coming with power. And Puschel is able more and more, for short times, to go outside and be active.

So thanks that you are still in prayer for her. She needs it like before. But we can see that God is carrying her everytime.

The results of the last test in the hospital are not present for us. So we are not able to give you these. But we will keep you informed of course.


2th of April

The days are running by fast, and the spring comes with all its beauty. Puschel is happy about every day she can sit outside in the sun and on the fresh air.

Two days ago it looked like that she whould get a new infection with feaver...but it looks better today. Thats of cours it is always a time of hoping and waiting and getting scared that that would mean an other time at the hospital.

She gets better week by week. And for that we can only prais God and thank Him. And how you can see on the picture, her eyebrows for example are almost normal now. And through this alone she already looks much healthier. Therfore it is time now for good news.

The whole life story from Puschel is a miracle from our great God. Because the first prognosis was very hopeless and bad. And now it looks much different. Allthoough we do not have a final result it is still a time to say Thanks. We should get the results from the last tests in a few days.


6th of April

The Bloodlevel from Puschel went dowm a litte bit. Sure it is not great, but not we do not have to worry about. But still she has to stay out of big groups of people. How ever she did not stay out of church today. We are thankful that she is for some times now able to stay for a while in her wheelchair. It is a gift from God that this is posibal now. And with our whole hart we want to be thankful.

Our prayer is that the Rehabalitation can continue and her bones can grow together little by little.We pray that God will keep away any infection or what ever throwback she could have. Good that our God sees, knows and keeps every little detail in our lifes under control.

On the pictures you can see that Puschel likes to be active also to be outside as much as she can. As warmer the days will get as esier it will get for her.

May Jesus bless your day richly.


12th of April

Yesterday Puschel did not have a good day. She has a cold and was because of that weak and snuffy. Today she is doing better already. She started with Antibiotic. We hope that she will get better day by day. How you can see on the pictures, Puschels body is recovering constistand. The picure without heat is authericed by her. We can not deny that she is able to go without now, isn´t she?

Her blood is still not the best. The white bloodcells are staying the same. (1,9) Therfore she always has to be careful around people.

She is planing on writing  something to you. To paint or other activities is alot easier for her that to concentrate on the computer, by writing and reading, Thank you for you patients. Thank you that you still care and pray for her and us. May God bless your faithfullness and love.


20th of April

At the last days Puschel was doing sometimes better and sometimes not so good. But all in all she has been constant more stabile.

Every days Puschel is trying to come outside and to use her legs more and more. For that we are very glad and thankful. And the growing her hairs you can watch everytime!! So she has just a very fine “carpet” on her head.

The results of the last test in the hospital after the last chemo are still  hidden for us, so sorry. But we are sure that will be what the doctors said at the last time in Berlin: good and without negative signs. It isn´t a long time to the fist tests after the chemotherapy.

A therapy for Rehabilitation will be possible only by much better blood levels.

Now Puschel is prepairing a new own letter for you all. In a few days you will be able to write it here...!

So many thanks for all your patience and love - and for all your prayers. God bless you all. In HIM!!


28th of April

Today Puschel wrote by herself:

It would be great to take an hour where we could  sing all together and share about the blessings God gave us in the past year and than thank Him for it.

Because it is not possible each one of you could spend some time by your self and thank God individual.

I know it is common to do so at newyear, but it does not harm you to do it in between. May you become tears in your eyes for HIS faithfulness and as the expression of thanks...

Yesterday I went for the first time since the surgery horseback ridding on Saba (big Pony from my friend Lucia) - don’t worry I didn't go gallop.

That time I got tears in my eyes. I realized what God has done since the surgery. And even more I got to see His faithfulness that day, when I had the news from the Hospital in my hands. It was very clear written that none of the tests shows new Tumor cells. Oh, I am so thankful to God for the healing in my body until now, thankful that I am able to live again and additional to do my most favorite hobby again although I can't walk. Obviously the prayer is still for healing and no new tumor cells since I can get them faster again that the most of you. Thank you to God and to all of you, my dear friends!!

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.

They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Psalms 103:2


4th of May

We are really grateful, that Puschel is feeling good right now. She got a new needle for her port today, which is pretty good, so she can get most of her medication without getting an injection every time. It makes things easier and means less pain for her. She needs from time to time an extra portion morphin, to be active, and get more active without having pain. Which made it again possible today to go out into the nature with her friends and of course her 4-Wheeler.


And although the joy and the will for life never left her (as you know), gives that of course an extra motivation. Puschel enyoyed the time with her friend Inge, whom she knows from Sweden. She built her a little cage for her rabbits, so they can run around outside. Which is always a pleasure to watch for Puschel.


She still has to be very cautious, because of her blood results, the white blood cells are still not increasing. So this is still a (prayer)request. It still is the measuring point for her to be around people or not.


Thanks to all of you, who still are having a look onto this side! God bless you and have a good week.


14th of May

Sooo sorry!!!


You have to wait for news for so long. Now I (Puschels dad) want to tell you why:


Every year, the youthgroup of our church joins a pentacost youth-camp in the south of germany: Pfingstjugendtreffen Aidlingen. There are every years about 6000 young people to hear the word of God, to worship HIM and to come together. In the home center of protestant sisters (Diakonissenmutterhaus Aidlingen) Puschel worked as volunteer for a year. Here are lots of sisters and friends who have been and still are praying for Puschel. It was never a question for Puschel to be able to go with our youth group to these camp (because of the low white blood cells). The leucos have to be about 3 to give her enough immunity. Also the last blood test had only 1,9 leucos. So it was clear that Puschel will not be able to go with us.

So the next blood test was direct before our trip. And Puschel wanted to wait for better leucos and to see what will be Gods will for her. She said: I want to have 2,8 leucos then I can go. And I said: I want to have not a lot over 3 (because it is a sign for an infection) and not a lot lower than 2,5… And what I can tell you? Puschels leucos had been not about 2,7 ot 3, but direct 2,8!! Praise the Lord!! So we asked our doctor for his oppinion… But the doctor said really happy: it would be the best for Lydia to go if she wants to go. Because the emotional and psychological things are very important and helpful for her status. So Puschel came with us to the south of Germany which takes 9 or 10 hours by car…!!!

So we had unforgotable days!! You can see it by the pictures here. It was a really big surprise for a lot of people there. Only some of the closest friends were knowing that before. So it was really a big whitness for 6000 young people, because Myriam told them what happened in the last year including all hope and prayer and trust and watching the Lord by HIS work…

Lovely friends gave Puschel a very nice place to stay. And everybody showed her how much they enjoyed her coming and also thanked God for that. The ride home went well as well and now she is happy back home, were she can rest again.


Down below (Fotoseite -Mai 2008) you can see some pictures of our time together.


Thank wou so much for your patients in the last week. I hope you are still faithful prayerpatners because it will continue for a wile wile. Also we can thank God everyday for what He has done in the Puschelstoy, what is also your story…


20th of May

Today we only want to thank you and to encourage you for praise the Lord. Puschel is doing very well all the time!!! Day by day more stabil and powerful. She is mobilize herself step by step. So she is getting more possibilities to conquer her own new old world... Every days she is more on the way. Her weight is closely normal. And she is looking right healthy (or what you would say about the picture above??)

So we can thank our Lord every time.

Yes, we know that the next month have to show what the cancer is still able to do in her body. But also we know that our Lord has the last word about the cancer. He is the Lord!

So it would be great if you will be still in prayer for Puschel at the next time. In about the middle of June we have to go to Berlin for the next tests...

We will still keep you informed about all things week by week and show you the newest pictures here. So you are able to watch Puschels hairs... I wish you could take your hands over Puschels head and feel her nices hairs...

So thanks to you for your anduring love and faithfulness and all you prayer. God bless you so much!!


24th of May

You can imagine that in the next few days we will think back to the last year.  Following text was written a year ago (24th of May):

“Puschel gave her hair good bye for a long time, may be some month. Her hair is away, but not her worthy personage. This she get from her contact and trust to the Lord Jesus and his love to her. For a girl it is surely unusual heavy to cut her hair, especially if she had nice long hair all the time of life. But until now in all this her joy and the peace is not away from her heart and her face. And this is also a result of your love and prayers!”

Up to today it changed that she has hair again and that she is mostly running around without head.  Otherwise God kept her happiness of life and gave her even more of it. And we hope that you got stronger and more joyful as you watch how God has been carrying us , stayed to us   and lets us see His miracles.

We do not know how God will continue, but we do know that He will be there and goes every step with us.

And than to see how His big family stays together, prays faithful,  thanks, hopes and loves together… who can doubt that God is there for us?! Although we do not understand every doing of God is our life, they all are mad to teach us to trust Him more.

Puschel is still doing steps forward every day. She still has to take lots of painkiller, but for such a big surgery it has not been a long time past. She is doing so well with her legs like we have never tried to hope before. That is a result of your prayer. We can see a miracle right here. Praise God.

So thanks to you for your anduring love and faithfulness and all you prayer. God bless you so much!!


27th of May

It is truly a mirical that we are able to celebrate this day much diffrent that we have done a year ago. Last year, on her 24th birthday, she had her 2. chemo ahead of her and just lost her hair. She had the chemo MTX to get, whitch she had a hard time with. The doctors and nurses said that she really takes evey side effect she can posibly take...

Today she went horse back riding on Saba. You can see some pictures on top. We know that it is not a "final status". But we take evey day thankful out of God's hand. And we are greatful that you go beside us. You all who we talk to, we get mail from, we get greetings from, we hear from, who pray for us and who think of us. That is a greatfull gift and strengthening.

Its like persecuted sisters and brothers who are prayed for and encuraged by that. We heard about them a short time ago in a christian Congress. Please pray today especial for the persecuted christians. That they have thrength to endure, be bold, are encouraged. More Infos you can get under http://sb.od.org/.  May God bless you.


First of June

Today we had a little shock. That was when we had to take Puschel to the hospital after she went to the sunday service althought she had a had time sitting there. She had  stomachache already since yesterday. For us ist was the question if it is a appendicitis... and with this it wouldn't be funny since her blood is still not the best. Instead of having fun by beeing outside she had to take a trip to the hospital. There they were not able to find an infection. So we will have to wait an see what happens. She was happy that she was able to leave the hospital and visit her cousine. You can see some picures above.

Again and again we meet people how faithfully pray for us.Also you who check the home page over and over. Thank you . We look at this ashamed and encouraged. May God bless you.


Third of June


In the last few weeks and month we were able to write just good news. That is a little diffrent right now. Puschel is doing- in her circumstances- very good. For this we are very, very thankful. How you already know, she was able to participat at the youth conference in the south of Germany (we life in the north- east) and also got to spend lots of Time in Action. These days she is helping with tent evangelisations at our church

Today I will explain you what is for Puschel still different to a normal lifestyle. Puschel is taking painkiller in an amount what we would normaly not handel. Thats for sure custom and as well the pain it self. But it shows also how much she is (still) dependend on it. Therfore it is a prayerrequest that the pain will go away. The new pain could be a reason, because of the musles in her pelvis, who are still there. They mind have a hard time starding to work again. But we have to find out what is the reason for sure.

In two weeks she has an apountment for the complet check up again. It is now 3 month since we had the tests in Berlin. So our biggest prayerrequest is that there will not be any tumorcells be found. Maybe we have to change the time to a earlier date.

So there is beetwen all the joy also a couple things to pray for. Thank you for your payers. That is a big relief!


5th of June

For many weeks we’ve told you almost only positive things. Behold the fact, that some things are still not so easy, like you were able to read on the 3rd of June.

Today we have to announce something more serious. You are remembering the pictures, we presented to you after the operation? Here on the picture you can see it again.

The right fibula has been taken out of her leg during the operation and is supporting the pelvis, where parts of the pelvis have been removed.

It truly has been a masterpiece of medical skill and expertise. And God gave success and his blessing to it.

The “unusual” pain Puschel was going through the last couple of days came from the actual breaking of the fibula. (You can see it where the arrow points.) The doctors call it a break of weariness. The substance of the bone has been reduced during the time of the chemo and it grew weary, ‘cause of the “chemo-attacks” on the forming of new cells (it mainly aimed at the cancer cells).

The big problem is the loss of stability and that the bone has to grow together again.

This is why you will see pictures of a “lying Puschel” again, if you look at this side. Of cause it is very hard for Puschel in this really nice weather, but she is not losing her happiness.

Thank you for you continued praying. She will need it. God can give growth of the bones tissue. And He can prevent the growth of cancer cells. He is the “boss in the ring” and all is in his hands.


10th of June

By the pictures you can see: Puschel is still Puschel. Sie had to arrange with these situation and she does it.

Just at this time we have in our church a soccer-camp with players and coaches from England and USA and an active coach from the german soccer-league. Thay all are christians and share the message and her faith with a lot of kids from our area. In the morniing we´re in a school here to do this. At the afternoon we´ve training and watching a game form the European Championchip2008. You see, we are a little bit busy  and have a ot of fun. But Puschel enjoyes for talking with them in english and participate from home. Is it possible for you to pray for this week here? And so thanks again for praying for Puschel!!!

So we´re in our thoughts even a little bit in the tests of Puschel in the next week (19.6.). Our God is able to take away the cancer and give Puschel back a new mobility.

If you have the question what Sophie and Peggy are doing. From Peggy we know nothing. But Sophie is just in these days ending her chemo therapy and start a cure after that. If we have new informations we let you know this. Thank you too for all your prayer! God bless you.


14th of June

By the pictures you can see: in the last days it was happen hier a lot. Wie had a intensive time in our church with many guests. We had a couple from Canada hier who tried to reach older people in our villages.

Parallel we had a “soccer-camp” with a team from England (http://www.sportsreach.org.uk/) and two coworkers from the “Bodenseehof of the torchbearers in Germany. We got a lot of contacts to different young people in our whole area. May God let grow the seed in the hearts!

Now Puschel has to prepare for a new trip to Berlin!

There she will have very important test. This will show us about all progressions in her body (particularly cancer or not).

Bu we know that God has it in control! Thank you again for all your prayer for her!!!

Additional she will have tests of her pelvis. The status of her bones is important for the next whole time. we hope that the bones will get more stability.

But you can see by the pictures that Puschel is not drpessiv although she has to stay alltimes in her bed.

Today we have a new letter from Puschel for you! Especially we want to insinuate you to the last section with “There is a girl about my age. Her name is Karin.” It´s good for us to see your reaction to ous asks. We will let you know news about Karin! Thank you for each prayer for her and her sisters. Thank you for all your love! Thank you for your faithfulness. Gos bless you all!!


You have been a great, faithful prayer team all over the world. I want to thank you. I can not tell you how encouraged it is for my whole family.

Would you keep another family in your prayer? There is a girl about my age. Her name is Karin. She is diagnosed on cancer too, but different to me the doctors told her that she won’t be alive longer than a couple of weeks. Please ask God to eider do a miracle and heal her or however comfort the whole family. She has 2 younger sisters. You can imagine that is very hard for relatives and friends.  I am so glad to know that she is a believer and knows where she will go. May they all feel His presence and peace.


18th of June

Now we are at home again.

Puschel is doing well so far. She still has more pain in her pelvis, because of the broken bone. But with time and rest there will be rest in the bones as well…

I guess you like to know how the tests went. I am sorry that we can not say more than that Puschels heart was tested. It is doing well. So the Chemo did not have side effects on her heart. That’s already good to know. The rest of the result we should hopefully get on the weekend.

Tomorrow I (Puschel’s dad) will have to go to a surgery on my eye. (cataract) They will do it ambulant. If everything is fine.  I will still keep you updated about all things. Thank you for your prayers.

Important too: We ask you for prayers for Karin. She is not doing well. She is not able to breath by her self right now. But she has God’s peace. The same Puschel told you about. Please pray that she and her sisters and parents will feel it in a special way. And that they will be able to trust in God’s plan. We do not always understand God’s ways (Isaiah  55:8) But we expired and know that His ways are for the good. He can also heal her, but it mind be better for her to be with Jesus. Let us trust that He will do it right with our sister. May God bless you for your intensive prayer. Thank you.


20th of June

My dear Friends,

Today it is my (Puschel) turn to write you. I am doing very well. And I am busy keeping my bed warm or laying outside in the wheelchair. Do not worry, I do not get bored at all. I am wondering what you are up to these days. When you give me an update I am not alwys able to answer, but I am happy to hear about your life.

My dad had the sergery on his eye yesterday. It went well so far. Today he had to go for a checkup where he passed out in the waitingroom. But he is alright now. Although we do not know what the matter was. Thank you so much for your prayer for my family. I want to encourage you to pray for Karin and her family. Her condition did not changed. It is more inportant for me that you pray for her and her family than the prayer for me. Thank you!


Inportant too: We ask you for prayers for Karin. She is not doing well. She is not able to breath by her self right now. But she has God’s peace. The same Puschel told you about. Please pray that she and her sisters and parents will feel it in a special way. And that they will be able to trust in God’s plan. We do not always understand God’s ways (Isaiah  55:8) But we expired and know that His ways are for the good. He can also heal her, but it mind be better for her to be with Jesus. Let us trust that He will do it right with our sister. May God bless you for your intensive prayer. Thank you.


22th of June

For us it is everytime a real gift that you ´re looking here ever and ever. You let us know that you stay in truth behind Puschel and us in prayer.

It´s not right possible to tell what a great encouragement it is for us. We can see also that some people will encouraged by all these to trust and believe in our God new or more again.

It´s very fine that a lot of you has written  a letter or eMail for Puschel. She tries so good as she can to answer you. Sorry, if it needs a little time.

The results of Puschels test of the last week are not available for us. But we are hopefully to give you these  in a few days.

She is doing well. The blood levels are good, only the leucocytes have not the right level. But Puschel has not to be worry about becouse they are over 2.0. It needs more time because the white blood cells comes from the bones special in the pelvis...

Thenk you for all your prayer also for Karin. She is doing not good. But it´s very good to know that she is feeling secure in the arms of our Lord Jesus. She needs our prayer more than ever before. God is our mighty God. HE is able to give us a miracle. In HIM we have to trust. Would you like to pray also for her family and all those who have drict contact to her. Thank you all


24th of June

In the “doctors letter” wie found these :

“No hint emerged for a metastasis...”

You can imagine, wich news it is for Puschel and for us all!

The follow-up tests showed no hint for new cancer cells. So we should praise and thank our Lord.

So nice that you´re doing these with us!!

The doctors letter came today, so we wanted to let you know these directly


27th of June

Thank you for praying for my eye-surgery. Somebody asked for that. It was going right well. Now only my encephalon has to handle the new situation with a new lens inside my right eye. It will need some time for that...

Again and again friends have asked, if the break of the pelvis is due to an overload of activities. She shouldn‘t have ridden with the quad or tried to ride on horsebacks again… The answer is a ‚Yes‘ and a ‚No‘. It should be said, that the doctors were (and still are) quiet happy, seeing Puschel becoming so active. 

The win in renewal of strength and revitalization is far bigger than a possible damage. Dr. Tunn, the doctor, who did the surgery, was not really surprised or disappointed to see the implanted bone break. It did not came surprisingly for him. The bone did lose some of its substance during the long chemo therapy. This made it kind of fragile. 

It did not break at one of the sutures, but the bone itself broke. And this indeed is kind of positive. God gave our bones the ability to form a so called callus, a healing tissue that forms a kind of bulge around the ends of a broken bone. This makes the bone even stronger than before in this part of it. This happens even under normal movement. Of course the movement shall not be too violently. This creates two problems for Puschel: the increased pain and the now ordered rest in bed for at least 6-8 weeks. Otherwise it is not that bad. If now the last tests have positive results, we surely can be very thankful and glad.

It also is really nice, that many of you have signalized that the do pray for Karin. She is not doing very well, she particularly needs our prayers of intercession. It is really nice, to know her comforted in Jesus. Whatever happens she knows she is save in HIS hands. God can do wonders, we know that. And in faith and trust we may and shall pray for it. But it is also important that our Lord may rest her peacefully, however He will lead her. And that He will reveal his peace and His great love also to her family, that they can truly experience it. Please pray also for all, who have directly contact with her


30th of June

Yesterday we had a little church celebration. You can see that Puschel was able for a time to participate. At night she could watch with some people here the final game of the European Soccer championchip 2008...

Puschel is doing rigth well. So we hope that she will be  mobil more and more. All the time she has to fight against the pain, but she is day by day more able to handle this

We are glad that she has still inside her port to get fluids and medicine if it´s necessary.

Her blood level is not real in a high level but nearly stabil.

So we´re thankfull for each day what is a real gift of God for us. It´s a special experience to learn to take every day from HIS hand. So we want to give HIM all glory and thank. We want to praise our Lord day by day. And thanks to you for each prayer what we need all together!

We stll want to remember you here to Karin. Her life is now depend of different machines. Prealse pray again for her and her sisters and family. Also for all those stay beside them in our Lord Jesus to give them power and love. They neds it! Thank you!


8th of July

Now Puschel is the only child in Bülow...Her youngest brother, Silas, will go in a month to Ethiopia for a social project. For the summer Puschel has enough action here because she will get some visits. In our home will be some youth groups for christian camps.

Sometime Puschel is getting mals or visits from people with comparable sickness. She can give them encouragement and testimony of Gods love and goodness.

God gave her new and more time for these work now. We don´t know why He gives one not and the other yet more time. But we know that he has a task for us with all.

Puschel is getting well. But sometimes she has to fight against nausea. The balance for pain and pain killers and the nausea is changing alltimes. But the blood levels are nearly satisfyingly.


11th of July

A little bit it is right now like at the last year: Puschel has to stay  fixed in her bed. She has to wait for a better stability of her bone in the pelvis. Aditional she has to fight against nausea like last year. If she has a short better time on a day we use this to go outside with her big wheelchair.

So she has not enough power to write eMails and joy for painting. Thats not so easy because she wants to work anything on a day... She is a long time an the days tired. So each day is a new fight... We have to search for reason of her nausea. Its still a result of the chemo or another thing? She is not able to eat enough. So the Power and her whole status con not be better...

So many thanks to you for looking here again and again. Special for each prayer still for Puschel. God bless you so much!


13th of July

If it will be not better tomorrow we will go to doctors. Puschel has still to fight against nausea sometimes very hard.  The biggest problem is that Puschel will be day by day more weak. So we hope that it will be much better soon.

Now Puschel has not enough energy to write mails or to paint or be active otherwise. But as you know Puschel, she is weak but she doesn´t  lost her joy and peace.

Thats a part of all miracles and visible gifts of God for her and for us. Thats also a result of your prayers and trust of God with us. Therefore many thanks to you again an again. God bless you so much. He is with us also when we are not able to feel it so strong...!


16th of July

"Be joyful in hope,

patient in affliction,

faithful in prayer.         Romans 12,12 


We´re very thankful:

Puschel is doing much better in the last two days! Today sh was able to come with to the town. It´s still not really stabil but much better. So she get new energy by a nearly normal meal.

Thank you so much for all prayers!

It´s so nice to see how the family of God is encouraging each other. It´s also good to see our Lord Jesus. HE is standing beside us.

So it´s a special thing to see that Puschel was never really depressiv or despaired.

When she read the news her on this page she said: When I read about my nausea and my other status, I will become sad... - you know Puschel...

Now we are hopefully that Puschel will be more stabil and mobil soon.

A big Hello to you from Puschel!!! God bless you all.


19th of July

Right now we thought about Puschels last year. Much more than a year she has to stay enduring in her bed. An she is still happily and undauntedly. Many others would be depressiv or resignated. So it is really a very great gift of God to see the smile in her face! We know it is also a result of your prayers and your encouragement. So thanks to you for these ministry!!

At the last days Puschel is doing durable better. She needs sometimes medicine against the nausea but it´s mostly because the strong medicine against her pain. She is trying always to minimize these medicine. So we hope she will be more and more strong and mobil again.

It´s nice that she is able to participate a little bit in the youth-camps here. Just now we have our yearly youth music camp.


23th of July

Today we had a date in the hospital for a look at the pelvis of Puschel. Six weeks she had to rest and to stabilize the bone. Now she should try to be more mobil and acktv.

Of course she will be more careful than 8 weeks ago... She don´t want to risk a new fracture of her bone.

But with the new x-ray photograph is clear thet the bone good. We guess it´s not full stabil but on the way. So we got a little bit more certainty by this picture.

So we´re thankful for this. Puschel can be more mobil - carefully!

You can see by the pictures above that Puschel is doing well. Sometimes she has attacks of nausea in the night. But she will live with this for a longer time.

So we´re thankful for each day. Puschel is trying to be awake earlier in these days. She wants to participate in the bible studies of our youth music camp. It´s fine to see how she is able to be with her surroundings here.


26th of July

It was a great desire for Puschel to be one time with all her cousins (she has more than 45) in the yearly grandchild camp which is executed by her grandfather and grandmother. It wasn´t here in Bülow this year because we have a youth music camp at this time, you know...

For the younger cousins it is very nice to see Puschel and experience her joy and trust in Jesus.

Puschel is doing very well in these days. She is able to work a lot of things and to be in the fresh air outside. It´s fine to can show you day by day a little bit more. We´re so thankful for each day what is given us from our havenly father. Step by step our life will be more normal again.

So thanks to you everytime for your loyalty still in prayer and in looking here  God bless you!


1th of August

"You hem me in - behind and before;

you have laid your hand upon me.    Romans 12,12    

It is alway a special issue for us to let you know that we are very thankful and appreciate your faithful prayers for Puschel und us. It is natual, but a huge present from God for us. Puschel has good  possibilitythese days to tell others about walk with Jesus and what He did for her. She does it with great joy. We have lots of camps in the summer here in Bülow. Puschel get's askalot, if she can talk about her life- and Jesus! It's nice to see how concentrated the kids listen to it.

In the last few days Puschel was very active. She paited a scenery for her friends and a teene camp in South of Germany. It is nce to see how good it is for her too. It gave her a great amount of joy, even when it cost lost of energy for her and went over her strength sometimes. 

Therefore she is already active again. Slowly she is able to use the 4-wheeler again so that she can see abit more of our  surroundings.Certainly she is more carfull because of her broken bone.

The bloodleve ls are almost all "normal" agian. Sure still on the edge of not normal. The white blood cells are still stuborn an do not want to go higher than 3. They should be at least 4. obviously the reasons are the lost bone in her pelvis. Thats the main place where the body produces white blood cell. That means to be patient. Nothing new for us....


7th of August

For Puschel it was a great desire to come back to Sweden so soon as possible. Here she worked for a long time in her life (18 month). The sisters and brothers here prayed for her so intensiv as you do it allways. We could see here that Puschel is a fixed member of the “holsby-family”. And you can see it by the pictures here. So you´re able to have an own image of it.

For  Puschel it was a great desire and now a big gift of HIM that God gave the possibility for these trip

The start of the ferry was delayed for one hour. In the end it was later for 5 hours! We had a real big storm on the Baltic See. But now we are here very good... Sleeping under the table was included, of course.

Now it is incredible to see how Puschel is in the heards of the sisters and brothers here. For us it is one evidence more for the reality of God´s big holy family!!

So thanks again for all your prayer what is going along with Puschels way all the time!

To participate in Puschels joy I have for you today few pictures more than normal...!


10th of August

We returned happy from Holsby back to Bülow. Puschel remain alive the stress from the trip and everything is still well in her body. (pelvis...!!!) Now she can take her rest. But nothing keeps her for a long time in her bed. If there is anything posible, she tryes to keep moving if it helps her to recover or if she can experience her surroundings. The good thing is that because of her condition it just can get better.

We want to show you some picture from Sweden at the bottom. Through the pictures you mind be able to realize and understand why it was important for Puschel to returne after leaving Holsby Brunn Fackelbärarna (Fackelträger) Ellis, a lady  from her time at Sweden with who she lived and worked close with was also there. And as well some others of her time (Lissy, JoHo, Steve..) We had a Worship night at the house of the founder of Fackelbärarna in Sweden, Wally and Donna Schoon. A day later a pot luck at John and Christine's house. John is the Director. (Pot luck- everybody brings some food)

Everytime we got to meet somebody we go to see the joy of the "Holsbyfamily" that Puschel is at holsby and in such a good condition. So we were able to grasp some of the joy and thank God for all of it. That He caried her/us through in the last 18 month. Puschel is so happy that she was alble to keep up with some of the families and hopes to returne soon again. (To try the ropes course :-)


13th of August

Should we bother you with Puschels Bloodlevel or such as? No, we do not want that, but we sure like to inform you about the Blood check today. It was satisfying. All though we are not sure if the white blood cells (3,5) are good because they are good or because of an infection like light cold.

She is still doing well. She has all peace and time to rehabilitate her leg and her whole body.

Slowly we can even start to think about what she mind be able to do in the future. God brought her this far and He may has more plans... The good thing is that Puschel recived the gift from God to take it one step at the time and than to take every possibility (or impossibility) out of HIs hand. And she also lives with a joyful heart instead of beeing grouchy. How could it be better? She can not do it on her own, but He gives it to her and she takes it. You are a reason too, why she can be joyful. Your prayers and encouragement. A heartfelt thanks to you over and over.


28th of August

Thank you so much that you still take a look at the web side! May God bless you for your testimony of love. It is always a unbelievable how we can see Gods family in all of it. Also as a testimony for other who do not know it. Thank you for all your prayers, asking for more information and feedback.

 Puschel is doing better and better! Her pelvis grows together little by little. Puschel gets more confidence in her pelvis and therefore is able to do more every week. Sure she is more careful after the broken bone. But who you can see at the pictures she already tryed to ride Saba again. It is a big milestone after the fracture in her pelvis. She still gets almost every day physikal therapy and also takes a look at some possibilities for Rehabilatation.


Whoever lives close by, Puschel has 4 little kittens who are looking for a new home :-)


16th of Sept.


The news from today:

The results of the tests today are comlpete very good. Good for Puschel, good for us. The results are “negative”, what means positive...you understand?

The doctors didn´t found any cells of cancer there! Praise the Lord! We can be very thankfull to our Lord. Thank you for thanking with us! Thank you for praying for us. God bless you so much! We have a great father in heaven!

At the next time we will keep you informed. But now we´re on the way to south of Germany to be in a wedding celebration of a friend of Puschel.


16th of Sept.


The news from today:

The results of the tests today are comlpete very good. Good for Puschel, good for us. The results are “negative”, what means positive...you understand?

The doctors didn´t found any cells of cancer there! Praise the Lord! We can be very thankfull to our Lord. Thank you for thanking with us! Thank you for praying for us. God bless you so much! We have a great father in heaven!

At the next time we will keep you informed. But now we´re on the way to south of Germany to be in a wedding celebration of a friend of Puschel.


19th of Sept.

We want to let you know the aktivities at these time. You can see, that Puschel is able to do so different things. You know that Puschel wanted to celebrate a wedding with one of her friends in south of Germany.

Cause the things in the hospital in Berlin were going faster than we thought, we could go into the south earlier. We will show you some things by pictures. They can show you that Puschel is able to be more aktiv than before. Certainly she needs some break at a normal day, and she needs a lot of pain killers to do all things.

But with all these aids Puschel can participate in the normel live arround. You can see it also by the pictures above. For us all it is a great gift from our God.

Sometimes Puschel meets people who were praying for her all the time and are glad now to see her so good (with so nice curlys, with a great smile in her face...). It is encouraging for us to get some messages from  you again and again.

Thank you for your prayer! Thank you for your loyalty. God bless you all. We will keep you informed.


22th of Sept.

Puschel at the wedding of her friends…!

We want to give you the chance to take part at the celebration. We also want to send a Hello to Puschel’s grandpa who is at a mission trip at Kyrgisien. He is teaching Preachers and Pastors. We are still very joyful and filled about the results of the last tests from last week at the hospital. We can not thank Him enough for His goodness and faithfulness. You were able to participate and pray with us when we/Puschel had a hard time. Now you can thank with us that she is doing so well.

Sure there is still a reason to be careful! Puschel should not risk a new fracture at her “fibula in her pelvis”. She also still needs lots of pain medication. And only our Lord knows if the cancer cells are totally gone. But at this moment she is able to enjoy her vacation in the south of Germany. (Stuttgart) Therefore we are happy to show you some more pictures in the next couple of days.


30th of Sept.

We returned home safely. We will show you tomorrow some pictures we already took while we were back home again. Here are some from the time in the south of Germany from last week. She was able to see some of her friends and old places where she was where she stayed before she went to Sweden and El Salvador. We also went to a Rehabalatationcenter to take a look at. Where Puschel can go for rehabilitation- thats a question for the next time.

The doctor who operated on Puschel a year ago gave her green light for using her leg as much as she can with pain. That means that her bones are stable now and grow together well. Thats an other milestone we passed now. We thank God for his healing hand and pray for wisdome about how far Puschel can steep on her leg.

Silas- my brother has his birthday today. Since we have a hard time getting in contact with him, I want to send him greetings that way and Gods rich blessings for his life. For those who do not know- Silas is in Ethiopian for the next year. If anybody likes to send him greetings (I know he would be happy and encouraged by it) his address is silas@holmer.de and if you like to see some pictures just check his web side www.silas.holmer.info  Feel free to support him in prayer, emails or financial. Thank you.


3th of October

With the pictures above you´re able to participate in a new little milestone for Puschels life. For sure she has to be carefull alltimes. But as you know from the last news, she is allowed to give so much pressure to her right leg how it is possible in relation to her pain. Puschel is very happy for these authorization , because it will give her more sureness for all activities. We know that the old stability in her pelvis  never will come back. But may be anytime she will be able to walk without her crutches...

So we will not end to say thanks to our Lord for all good thinks what He gave us!

He gave us a lot of good thinks to by giving you all beside us! So alltimes we can thank Him for that. Some of you Puschel got to know by this page and prayer and the closeness in faith. Is it not a miracle of His family in our world??

So many thank to you all to for all signs of these closeness! May God bless you so much!


6th of October

With the pictures above you´re able to participate in a new little milestone for Puschels life. For sure she has to be carefull alltimes. But as you know from the last news, she is allowed to give so much pressure to her right leg how it is possible in relation to her pain. Puschel is very happy for these authorization , because it will give her more sureness for all activities. We know that the old stability in her pelvis never will come back. But may be anytime she will be able to walk without her crutches...

She is able to do some things in the day. So she is getting much more stability. It´s normal that she needs some breaks per day in her bed and anytime painkillers. But only by aktivities her muscles are able to become stronger.

So we will not end to say thanks to our Lord for all good thinks what He gave us!

He gave us a lot of good thinks to by giving you all beside us! So alltimes we can thank Him for that. Some of you Puschel got to know by this page and prayer and the closeness in faith. Is it not a miracle of His family in our world??

So many thank to you all to for all signs of these closeness! May God bless you so much!


15th of October

Today Puschels own words!!

The last few months have been pretty eventful for me. God has moved a lot in my life recently. Many of you have been praying for me for a long time, and now you can see what God has done.

It’s been a while since we have told you about the fracture in my pelvis. Somebody had said then: “Why does she, who had been bound to her bed during the last year, has to be staying bed again?” It was really annoying first, but not in the long term. I didn’t know then what that could be good for, but I knew that God had His reasons. Today I can tell you one of the reasons. The bones in my pelvis are now stronger than before the fracture. The fracture has animated the bone in my pelvis to grow, which lead to higher stability. That is important and good in the long term, of course.

I live in the knowledge that God is there, and that He holds everything in His hands. And God wants to experience our day with us. Our life changes if we live every minute in the knowledge that there is God, who made us in His image. There are, of course, enemies of God- and he destroys what he can: our life, our peace, this world. But that’s why it is even more important to stay close to Him.

What would you give to be able to share your time with the smartest, most loving and holiest person? What do you say to the fact that this person is already waiting for you? We have the chance, but mostly use it only Sundays or when we are in great distress.

I have been thinking lately why we spend so much more time in life on unimportant things instead of the important ones. And what are the important things? I came to the conclusion again that the most important thing is a relationship with God- our creator. I have my spot in heaven because I am His child. But am I enjoying life on earth with all the promises and gifts that He promised us? Equally important is to see and nurture the relationships we have to people that God has entrusted to us. They are more important than all material things on earth and in our life. How little importance have material things to a person that stands in front of the doors of eternity?

Something else struck me. We mostly don’t live in the present (Today). For different reasons we live either in “yesterday” or “tomorrow”. The fact is that we live today. The only question that we have to answer and that lies in the future is the question whether or not Jesus would recognize us on the “door to heaven”?

Do you remember Saba, the pony? It was owned by our neighbors. They are going to move further away because of College and so on. The question was what to do with Saba. They’ll give Saba to me. Awesome, isn’t it? I would never have dreamed to become a horse owner. So, I’ll trust God also to help me with the costs that come with the horse. Saba will help me a great deal to improve my muscles in the right leg. She has been used for horse therapy during the last years and hence is very sensitive. And don’t worry I’ll abstain from trotting and cantering.

I’ve always loved to take pictures. A while ago I bought myself a good camera with which I love trying to catch God’s creation in detail. I feel like Job. Job (a man from the Old Testament) lost a lot in life, and got it back with a huge blessing later on. I can experience how I gain more and more energy and muscles back. I am still in a lot of pain, which often comes during the night. Nausea is an accompaniment of that, and I am also far from being independent again. But I received my life back. I’ll try to live life in the presence of God to enjoy all of the adventures, with all the “friends that cross my path”.

A few weeks ago, Silas went to Ethiopia, Africa. To be honest, I do miss him a lot… I am so glad that he has still been here during the last year. He has been a huge blessing with a servant heart. I just want to point out his website once more to you. If you have time to send him a little “encouragement mail” he would be excited and I would be with him. Even if it is only a very short message… It was also a financial risk for us to let him go. So if you have the possibility to support him it would be a great help to us all and the missionary society “Hilfe fuer Brueder”, which is supporting Silas now. The most important thing is however, that he is accompanied by prayers. Thank you so much for all your support and prayers for us. If we had not had you… but we have you! Thank you! Love and God’s blessings to you all!


29th of October
It´s fine to let you participate sometimes in the life of Puschel. Normally and very fine for usthat the space between these new will be bigger, because Puschel is getting more and more stibility and recovering.
In our trip to Berlin we could remember to the time one year ago. At these time we were not able to imagine that it could be possible to have trips like these. So we have an excited time day by day. Puschel is considering to write (if she would be able...?) a book about thankfulness...
At the last days we got the information that Puschel will get enough money for her livelihood for the next month. That´s also a gift from God for her and for us. 
So we can confidence to our God to give Puschel all nneds for her life and for the way in the future.
 Thank you one time more for your great support by staying in prayer for Puschel and for us all!! God bless you!

08th of November
Again and again Puschel has in this time of the year (if its a reason?) problems with weakness and tiredness But we still have to be patient. This also means that she is not always able to answer every email she was planing on doing so. It is still encouraging if you send her emails, guestbook or mail as a sighn of unity. Thank you for that.
Sure we do not have as much visiters like we had in the summer, but that way she has more time for rest and rehabilitation. And we are still on the way to see what God has in store for her future. Like Rehabilitation and also study for a different job than nursing)
Puschel is because of her pressure and pain in her pelvis not always able to sit at mealtime. Therefore she is using her bigger wheel chair like she does on the pictures where she sits with her grandparents from Dresden. 


21th of November
We can not thank and praise God enough for His faithfulness. Puschel is on the way to get more independent than she was able in the last one and a half year.  Sure enough she still needs lots of care and help, but we know much harder times. Maybe you are interested in her normal daily life.

She still has to take a lot of rest and has double tiredness because of the medicine. Therefore is often not awake earlier than 9:30-10 am. Then she has to take her breakfast already because of her pills So her day starts short before lunch  after lunch she  again has to rest and that ends with the call from her physical therapist how comes in to our house. Since some weeks it only happens twice a week since the budget from her doctor and the insurance is gone. We still hope that we can change it to more times again. Puschel is active as much as possible, but the weakness and pain is still holding her back. You can often see pictures where she is active what does not mean that she is always  on the go. She still has to fight against nausea and take enough rest. But in compare to the chemo time she is very well.  These days we have to go to lots of different departments since she needs some kind of retirement. We count on a year at least for her health to get better until she is able to work at least for some hours. God can…We are thankful for the steps she does every day. And she is also a good  converser for friends and youth from here. And the most important thing for her is always the view up to our father.  Here in our home, church and with friend she is able to shine because of His love, grace and peace. Thank you that you continue to pray for stabilization and that she will be a blessing to others.


30th of November

It´s nice to see, that we have more and more normal days. Puschel is working sometimes with a member of our church at the school of our village. You can see it by the pictures above. She is working with her special possibilities in painting and other things.

In all these she is going everytime up to the limis of her body. But it is good to get more power and energy. So Puschel is able to think about a rehabilitation for a new business at the future...

Now she is waiting for the acceptance of the insurance for a medical rehabilitation. We´re excited for these.

In an official statement of medical service from the division of employment Puschel got a paper for being not able to work for a long time. So she has problems to get some money for her daily life from there. So we have to go to oursocial security office. But we´re sure that our god will care for Puschel everytime.
We´re glad to can live with her here. And we´re so thankfull for all each days.
God gave Puschel so good potential for living and working in our church for these time. We can see that she has a very good access to the young people arround. So she is able to share all her experiences with God and share the word of God with them.
Thank you again for all your trueness to pray for Puschel. God bless you all.


10th of December

Puschel is doing well for her circumstances . It’s all about the view! Yesterday she was able to go horse back ridding with Saba, her pony. While she was on the way, we got a call from her, that we should pick her up with the 4-wheeler. She said that she was to tired from the medicine and it would be saver, if someone would come. Therefore Eva-Maria picked her up and was able to ride with Saba home. Puschel was holding Saba on a string and rode home on the 4-wheeler. After the trip she had to take a hot shower to get her leg warm again. She is still struggling with pain, especial after riding a horse, but it does not effect her happiness of life. She enjoys her life with our father and wants that every body else can and wants to enjoy God too.  What is better than a life in His presence?


14th of December

There are two things we would like to tell you and to pray for.

We received from our Health insurance an approval for Puschels rehabilitation and for a certain place called Füssen. That’s a place where they would be able to work with her on the leg and pelvis. They are specified in this area. Puschel had not seen a batter place on the internet. Well, yesterday the insurance called us and told that they will not pay the place basically the reason it that the place does not have a qualification for patients with cancer.  That’s what they told us first, but after talking to them they do not like to pay the ticket to the place (it’s in the south) and the place itself seams a little more expensive.  The last information is that somebody will call us in the beginning of next week, because they want to review there decision.  Please pray for that.

There is another problem we have right now too. Puschel tried to push with her right leg a bin and  then she heard a noise in her leg. Wops! We were able to do an x-Ray and the doctor did not find a broken bone. Praise the Lord! How ever now she has to rest again. On Tuesday she has her next appointment in Berlin. We will show these to the doctors in Berlin again. The problem is probably on the muscles which does mean more pain again and rest!

May our Lord bless you in the time of preparation for Christmas?

Thank you so much for all your prayers!


17th of December
Right now we came home from Berlin. So, we wantto share all news of the last two days to you, especially the results of the tests there:
It is goo that Puschel got a lot of tests: X-Ray, MRI, CT, ENT, EKG, blood.
All these result are complete well!!! Thank you, Lord!
So Puschel will be able to start the rehabilitation therapy at the next time. We got the message too that our health insurance will pay for that. It will be in south of Germany. But the exactly time for start is not known for us just now.
Additional we got the information from our division of employment that Puschel will get money for one year, because she has not an registration for pension. So God knows what Puschel needs everytime...!!
So you can imagine that we´re glad to be at home again with all these news... Thank you. Lord, for all. And thank you too far all you prayers and all your encouragement snd support all the time! God bless you!

26th of December
Now it is already one week ago, that we told you that Puschels tests in Berlin went well. To know that fact helps us to plan ahead and to see what should happened next.  Puschel was able to participate at the preparation for the Christmas service. At least as much she was able to do with her strength and pain. At Christmas eve the youth from our church did a play written after the story in Luke. The place was the hostel in Bethlehem.  It was a live play where Puschel was the owner of the barn where Jesus was born. Puschel is the oldest of the youth group  so  she played with the young ones. Puschel has now a supportive place at our church, especial for question for the younger kids. Therefore we are happy to have her here right now. God is using her in lots of different ways these days. We are very thankful that she is doing so well already and thank you for your faithful prayer you are sending to our heavenly dad. He gives strength and wisdom, peace and joy. That’s what God is doing through her in this time of the year. Therefore we are more that thankful to have her here.  We are joyful to celebrate Christmas, because He gave us the greatest present and is desperate to live with us. May our father bless you all in the Christmas season



God will make a way,
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me
He will be my guide
Hold me closely to His side
With love and strength for each new day
He will make a way, He will make a way.

By a roadway in the wilderness, He'll lead me
And rivers in the desert will I see
Heaven and earth will fade
But His Word will still remain
He will do something new today.

God will make a way,
Where there seems to be no way
He works in ways we cannot see
He will make a way for me
He will be my guide
Hold me closely to His side
With love and strength for each new day
He will make a way, He will make a way

Words and music by Don Moen


A painting from Puschel - our church buliding in Bülow (from 1236)

Puschels passion:
Thios ist5 the “Puschel-Bell”
at La Casa de mi Padre

Psalm 121
1 I lift up my eyes to the hills - where does my help come from?
2 My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. 
3 He will not let your foot slip - he who watches over you will not slumber;
4 indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.
5 The LORD watches over you - the LORD is your shade at your right hand;
6 the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.
7 The LORD will keep you from all harm - he will watch over your life;
8 the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

"Before the mountains were born
or you brought forth the earth and the world,
from everlasting to everlasting you are God.
Psalms 90:2

IMG_8545 Panorama-500

Dear friends;
if you want to find some pictures what about you read in the text, you should search these pictures on the page of the monthly pictures under
“Fotos”. You have here the link for this monthly picture page: