Jan, 10th 2009


Dear family and friends,
Recently a friend wrote me that his last year was tough. I thought
 about my year and came to the conclusion that my live was tough
too, but also with a great deal of laughter. Our Father has lots of
 grace for me left. In my brain I have many memories of suffering, but
 in my heard I don’t remember the time a lot. Instead He reminds me of the good times.
When I worked as a nurse for children I was able to go home after work and put all the suffering from the people into His hands and leave it there. How much grace is it that I am able to have a joyful heart? What a gift? It is never going to be possible to buy it in a store. And I don’t deserve it, but that does not matter to Him. He loves me and I am not able to give back one bit of what I receive. I can only choose to take it or skip it.
The same way God gives us the choice to acknowledge that Jesus is His son and our savior. We have to choose every day if we want to walk with Jesus or go our own way. The difference is that He has made us and therefore we should take the way He wants us to go and not our own. If He does not know where the best way is to go, who else would know? Would we ask a pottery what to use it for or the potter? He knows what we are here for. We find the answer of life question not in the world, but in the one who made the world.
When our live seams out of control we often have only one chance. –Let Him do it. And that’s what is healthy for our live- when we search for Him.

My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness. 2. Corinthians 12:9

I found a note from 3 years ago. I wrote down that I had a sentence in my mind.  “God is writing a story with us.” That’s all I wrote down that day.
And He didn’t start when I got sick. He started before I was born. He did the same for you. He gave us a free will. Therefore it is our choice whether we let Him write the story or go without Him. We can go to church every Sunday and live our lives without Him. If we are up for an adventure we should better include Him. That’s when adventure becomes meaningful for eternity. And if we want a peaceful life we should do the same. We are just visitors on this planet, but what home will you go after your visit?
These thoughts have been on my mind during the last weeks. Back in Dezember I wrote down some questions and I just found out that they are a short cut about the thoughts I just put down on paper.

Where do I step?Whose footprints do I step into?Who shows me the way? Am I walking blind? - What is my goal? - Am I alone on the way? - My soul finds rest in God alone! He is my goal! And I do not go by myself! - Peace and Rest, security and Love and abounded never ending grace.  - Without Him, who am I? - Gone with the wind! - With Him I have everything that has worth. Forgiveness forever! - My friend- I want to be your friend. Be my father- your child

I don’t know if those words will help you, but I wanted to share it with you.

The Christmas time was different since Silas is in Africa. However I was thankful that I was able to participate in a play at the church at Christmas Eve. That way I was able to help a little bit, because I cannot do any physical stuff such as cleaning the church or like ( a lot of the PK (pastor kid) especially the girls have to do) decorate the Christmas tree. In the play I was allowed to be the guy Simion who gave Joseph and Mary the barn. With my short hair I can go as a boy J

For New Year my friends Myri and Daniel came for about a week. We enjoyed the time together. A highlight was that they both got engaged on the 1.1.09. And I was one of the first ones to know.In January the plan is to get ready for the rehabilitation program for which I will have to go to the south of Germany and stay at a clinic for at least 3 weeks. I will get training in walking and help with the pain. That’s at least my hope. It will start on the 10th of February. On the 6th of February

I will hopefully be celebrating my grandfathers 80th birthday with my Holmer family. Since I have already about 50 cousins from the Holmer side of the family, it will be a big party! (from my mums side we have about 20 cousins- for those who are interested)

The pictures show you that I am back on the horse back. My muscle is recovering and I can now start to train my leg again (slowly). Only the freezing cold weather keeps me more inside. I have to watch out for my foot. It gets colder faster and I don’t feel it.

For today I think you had to read enough. Thank you that you take part in my life. Thank you for being my family. His family. May He bless your year of 2009 and draw you closer to Him. Remember? That’s the best place to be!


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Our vers of the year for 2009:
Jesus replied, "What is impossible with men is possible with God."



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